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to be continued

I’m so glad to have seen so much feedback on the previous post. Whether your relationship remains solid, has hit rocky spots, or has ultimately ended after having kids, no one can deny that children change dynamics pretty tremendously. I thank you all for responding so honestly and sharing your experiences.

Several of us bloggers are participating in a blog carnival next week and we’ll be writing on this very subject. I hope you all will check in again on Monday the 19th, for as I promised yesterday, I plan to follow up on this post with something more formal, more developed, and probably more candid. Honestly, I look forward to it.

But there are other things I want to cover here in the next couple of weeks. In an effort to hold myself accountable (and to remind my permanently scattered brain), I’m recording them here:

– Finding community outside of the blogosphere

– Breastfeeding, continued

– The tug-of-war I’m feeling between two different career paths

– Feeding BG

– That two-year letter to my son

– Finding balance

– Childcare and why it took us so long to do it

– ???

I asked this before, but are there any other subjects my readers are curious about (now that I’ve got your attention)? It might be fun to do at least a couple of posts per readers’ requests–but don’tĀ feel pressured.


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