outsourcing genius care

Well, last week’s trial of leaving BG with someone went pretty well. He had a sweet little girl to play with and a very caring mom to help him out when he realized just how freaked out he was that J and I had left him alone with near-strangers. It seems his love of books saved him, for he very quickly turned around when our new friend read to him. By the time we picked him up, he was delighted to see us but in no hurry to leave. He and the little girl hugged and kissed and turned all of us moms to goo.

So my wife and I have now made a commitment to give babysitting a try. Our mom’s group is great for those emergencies when we need someone quick, but we knew it was time to find a babysitter–the sort I was as a kid–that reliable young adult you can call when you need a date or, when you need a standing appointment with your wife to dig yourselves out of the muck. We used an internet sitter matching site and found a girl in our neighborhood. She’s a student at the college where I used to teach, and she came over for an interview today. She was sweet, and while her experience is more with family and less with strangers’ kids, we felt pretty good about her–as good as we can about someone we don’t know. Tomorrow is her first trial. We hope like hell Boy Genius makes life easy on her and that she takes good care of him. Don’t think I’m not playing horror stories over and over in my head.

It has been really hard for J and I to trust anyone with our son. Because we have lived in this place where we don’t know much of anyone (and those we do know don’t really do babysitting), it just hasn’t been an option for us to leave him with people. My parents have come to visit from time to time, and we have left him with them for a short lunch or dinner date, but ultimately, our son’s care has been our sole responsibility. It’s tough, but this was our life.

Stepping into this now is challenging in some ways, yet we know it also benefits our son as much as it benefits us. It’s helping him become a little more independent, self-reliant, and even trusting of others. We want him to know that there are people out there who can care for him and meet many of his needs, and we want him to be able to learn from them and experience their different perspectives.

Now I just have to keep myself from writing her an instruction manual.



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4 responses to “outsourcing genius care

  1. Jen

    Bravo to you for realizing that you have a need. We are lucky that we have lots of family around us and it was still hard for me to let someone watch chunk. Trust issues abound! I hope this girl works out well and that BG makes a new friend.

  2. Way to take a leap of faith! Sounds like his attachment style is very healthy (sorry, that’s the psychologist in me speaking) and he should do well with a sitter 🙂

    • reproducinggenius

      Thanks, Lucy. It does feel good to see this emerge in him. I hope it continues and that because he will be in the comfort of his own home, he’ll feel even more secure knowing that we always come home.

  3. Okay so thanks to the wordpress reader mess-up, I am reading posts in backwards order and am just now seeing this post, after having read about the seemingly-successful first trial. However- I wanted to commiserate with you on the not-knowing-people-and-certainly-not-knowing-BABYSITTING-type-people portion of your post, and also to say that I think it’s great you “took the leap” and got a sitter. I’m sure she and BG will get along great from here on out. =)

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