My poor neglected blog. I miss writing here, but my work has picked up, and I can’t seem to spend much more time on the computer. It is summer after all, and we need to be outside playing before my wife has to begin teaching.

We’re less than a month away from BG’s second birthday. He is beginning to show signs of what we are calling around here the “trying twos.” He now regularly flips out when being placed in his car seat, so much so that we have had to sit while he screams and writhes for up to fifteen minutes before relenting just enough to be strapped in (although not enough to stop crying or screaming usually). In these moments, J and I find ourselves wondering where our sweet son has gone. It’s more than a little terrifying to see this boy who has been so mellow begin to do this, but I understand it’s normal, and I’m sure we’ll find a way to manage. In the meantime, if you have any advice, we welcome it!

We are doing pretty well. Now that we’ve settled into our place, we are enjoying discovering what this city has to offer and have found much to enjoy! The greatest highlight recently was being invited to a mother’s group at a local birth center. We attended our first meeting last week, and it felt like we were walking into a room full of friends. It is largely a group of attachment-type parents who share many similar philosophies and parenting practices with us. Everyone was so welcoming, even though most of them have known each other for upwards of two years, and we feel like we may well have found a really lovely community. It’s something we’ve been so lonely for, so to walk in to a room like the one we entered last week was so positive.

I know there is more to share, but for now, I’m exhausted and just wanted to get something up here before another month goes by. Speaking of exhaustion, I have a sleep post I need to write–and so much more. I think I need to give myself a challenge–perhaps for September. It is my birthday month, BG’s birthday month, and the beginning of a new academic year after all. What better time to start anew?


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  1. So glad you’re enjoying your city! Ah, the “trying” twos. Something that occasionally helps is verbalizing what they’re feeling, like ‘BG doesn’t want to be in his car seat- he doesn’t like it, I’m sorry, BG” This advice comes from The Happiest Toddler on the Block. Doesn’t always help though…I basically find myself just ignoring the freak-outs most of the time. I know they will pass…eventually…right?

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