a little water, a little sunshine

Today, we taught our son to run through the sprinklers. It was likely an expensive lesson given the cost of water in our city, but it was well worth it. Our whole family was soaked to the skin from running through the spray.  At one point, our son cheered my wife and I on from the patio, shouting “Run! Run! Run! Run!” as we ran through them ourselves.

We are having a lot of moments like these in our new place. We have routines. Every day, BG needs to check on the lawnmower in the shed. He touches it and either pulls his little plastic mower out or puts it back in. He washes rocks in a cool little water table my mom got him, and he has a whole system that I can’t even pretend to understand. We check on our little crop of heirloom tomatoes, which just now are starting to grow their fruit. BG will ask for “one pea,” so we give him a pea or two or three off of our sugar pea plants. He inevitably tries to feed us his partially masticated pieces in exchange for a fresh new one.

And so it seems the Reproducing Genius family is finding its way in this new place of ours. Our son is thriving. He said his first whole sentence a few days ago at a home improvement store. He touched a lawn mower (yes, an obsession), and J said, “You did it! You touched it!” and BG’s reply was, “Yes, I did touch it!” He kills me with his desire to say everything. He says “Cuisinart” and “dangerous.” He loves words, and we love his words.

My wife is also spending some quality time with BG at swim lessons where he is becoming more comfortable with the water and his goofball teacher who likes to randomly dunk unsuspecting children in the water. I love that they have this for themselves. He is always eager to tell me the tales of swim class when he comes home. I love seeing them off together, having an hour and a half to myself, and then seeing them come  home, hungry and tired from the pool, ready for hugs.

And the best thing that is happening, the very best, are these hug/kiss fests initiated by our son. If he sees my wife and I hugging, he’ll come up to us, reach up his arms, and say, “Big hug, Mama! Big hug, Mommy!” so we pick him up and hug him between us. He pushes our faces together to make us kiss, then he wants kisses too. It’s this beautiful moment we share every day in some unexpected moment that fills us all to the top with love. I can’t imagine ever feeling better.

Life isn’t all sunshine here. We’re lonely for friends and community, and we know it’s time to get out there and find all of that. I’ve got to do something to find more of myself again too–the scholarly me, the doula me, the wife me. But we’re getting there. We will get there, now that we have this place to thrive.


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6 responses to “a little water, a little sunshine

  1. We’ve been spending too much on water to fill up HPs pool but themfun he has is worth it! Glad you guys are settling in

  2. cousin

    makes my soul sing to hear just happiness

  3. Finding your niche takes time, but it sounds like you’re well on your way with such a great foundation.

  4. poppycat

    I love this post. It made me a little misty to read it.

  5. Raine

    Such a happy post. Glad to hear things are going so well.

  6. tbean

    Awesome to read that you are all happy and safe in the new place and making your way in the new community.

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