pinching myself

I have two excellent bits of news to report today:

  1. My kid slept through the night for the second time in his life last night. I don’t mean the five-hour “night” that people refer to. He slept from the time we put him down (in his own bed, in his own room) to the time he woke up. The first time he slept through the night was the night prior, the circumstances of which involved a hotel porta-crib placed in a bathroom and a very tired boy. I have no illusions that this will last, given the sort of sleeper my child is, but I’m very proud of him nonetheless. We have made a few changes to our approaches to his sleep lately, and if this lasts, I’ll share. For now, I’m just going to marvel and see what happens.
  2. Our sweet, old man cat,  Pierre, is home. We went to Humboldt this weekend, and while there, I received a phone call from an elderly woman whose grandson was feeding him. They kept him at their place (two miles from our house!) until we got home yesterday. He has a nasty gash on his ear, and he’s much lighter and a little wigged out, but he’s home–after being gone and on his own for a month. Have I mentioned he’s thirteen years old? We are overjoyed to have him back.

Unfortunately, my son’s first full night of sleep at home was not a full night of sleep for his moms. No, our cats wouldn’t let that happen. Pierre was on the prowl, howling and howling, and he was upset because he seems to have gone back to his nocturnal ways and wanted to go hunting–outside–where we’re not letting him go for a very long time. I actually had to get up and help him get back to sleep, which didn’t feel at all unfamiliar. It’s so, so good to have him home, and I will do anything to help him feel comfortable again, and I know that will take him some time, but for this to coincide with the night of sleep that I have been dreaming about for 22 months was, well, a little disheartening.

After taking turns getting up with the cat and grumbling at each other for not fixing the issue, my wife and I did what every good attachment parent would do: we coslept with the damn cats.

But my kid did sleep through the night. And we have our very first boy back in our home. Life is pretty good.


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2 responses to “pinching myself

  1. nutella

    You coslept with the cats, lol. Seriously though, hurray for sleeping BG and cats back home!!

  2. At least the cat didn’t wake up BG! Wow. That is great that he did his first all night sleepathon. Congrats!

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