a few vignettes from 20 months

Today our Baby Genius–our Boy Genius–turned 20 months old. There is something about twenty that seems just so old! He is definitely in the midst of a major transition where he is often more boy than baby, and sometimes I just find myself staring at him wondering who this gorgeous little kid is who is emerging from my baby. It’s such a remarkable time, so I need to share a little of our lives with this incredible boy as we are experiencing him right now.

I think the most awesome things we’re observing are his language and cognitive development. He understands so much and seems to learn a handful of new words each day at this point. He loves trying to say multisyllabic words like “microwave,” “screwdriver,” and “orange juice” (and no, the last two haven’t been learned in the same context). Of late, though, he is mimicking phrases as well. “Oh no!” is his absolute favorite. Anytime something tips or falls or goes wrong, we hear “Oh no!” in the most serious of tones. It seriously makes us melt and giggle a bit because sometimes it sounds like his whole world just fell apart, when really he just dropped a piece of food off of a fork and onto his high chair tray. It seems he’s a bit melodramatic.

One of the cuter language developments happened when he kept hearing us call him “cutie pie” and “sweetie pie.” He had started saying, “A pie” after one of us would say this, and one day, during breakfast, I asked him, “Who is my sweet, sweet boy?” and he replied, “A pie!” Now, any time we’re in a lovey moment–or he wants us to forgive him for being a stinker toddler– he’ll call himself or one of us “a pie.” We can’t get enough of it.

He is also at this point, though, where he is trying to put meaning to more abstract terms. He has been afraid for some time of any form of machine, whether that be a vacuum cleaner, a sewing machine, a power screwdriver, a standing mixer, and more. The one exception is the coffee grinder, which he insists on helping us use every morning. One day, I was attempting to sew some curtains as he was eating breakfast, and over and over again, he begged me to put the sewing machine “Away!” He was so scared. I just kept telling him it was okay, that really it’s kind of neat, and I urged him to sit on my lap and look at it. “Neat!” he kept repeating as I finished the curtains.

But then, as we were playing “tools” one day, (which involves sitting on the floor, going through my toolbox, and adding various bits of hardware to a small cardboard box), he came across my power screwdriver, which has terrified him every time I’ve used it. It often provokes screams at the top of his lungs. This time, though, I was determined to get him past his fear, so I let him touch the button that turned it on, and for some reason, I said, “See, it’s neat!” And just like that, another machine was “neat.” The problem with that is that he thinks machines of all kinds are called “Neat!”

This boy has long loved the kitchen and just about everything to do with it. He spends much of his days making coffee, tending to his tea kettle (we had to give him our old one and buy a new one that was similar to it because his obsession was so great), telling us what to do with ours, stealing vegetables, fruits, measuring cups, and more to make his creations, and even occasionally placing some of these things in the microwave, which is, unfortunately, at a level he can reach in this home. BG loves cooking and helping in the kitchen. Because the kitchen is his domain, he insisted one day on seeing this wooden box where I keep all of my tea. I showed him, and he was fascinated with all of the tea bags and boxes, but especially the bags that were in brightly colored paper pouches. One day, we just decided to make him some since he kept requesting it. We cooled it off and put it in his little sippy mug. He drank a few sips of it that day, and he repeated “Tea!” over and over throughout the day.

And then the next day, he requested tea again, pointing at the box and then his teeth (it seems that’s what we’re brewing), so we tried again, and he had a few more drinks of it that day. Within the next few days, we realized he might enjoy it over ice in a straw cup, so we tried this, and soon enough, our boy was drinking herbal tea like it was koolaid. He now has tea all day. He has never liked juice much (and is only just now developing a taste for small amounts of it occasionally), so this is a lovely alternative. His favorites are citrus teas–Tazo’s Wild.Sweet.Orange is number one (and the bright orange pouch is irresistible), but he seems to love everything we’ve given him. It makes for a wonderful ritual both in the morning and evening–now he has a cup of chamomile hibiscus tea to wind down at night with dinner and a cup of orange or raspberry tea to greet the day.

I have so much more to share, but this is the problem with posting so sporadically. There is just too much to write at the end of an already long day. There will be more to come because, quite simply, I want to get this moment in his life down. I want to remember the wonder of it all.




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6 responses to “a few vignettes from 20 months

  1. Wow, can’t believe how big he’s getting! I love reading about all the various new things toddlers are doing, and BG has some fun ones for sure.

  2. Jen

    Big boy indeed! Where did our babies go? His language skills seem great and I am impressed with screwdriver! Funny about the loud noises… Chunk is just the opposite. We have to run and catch him as he chases after the lawn mower and he loves all loud things. He is a beautiful big boy!!!

  3. I love love love that he drinks tea! So awesome!

  4. What an exciting time! That is SO cool that you can see his language development right before your very eyes. Knowing you guys, he’ll probably be reading when he’s 3!

  5. That is hilarious that he likes the coffee grinder and hates all other machines. I think he will be a serious coffee drinker when he grows up.

  6. A.

    I literally can’t believe he’s 20 months. And what a little man! I love his kitchen action, esp. the coffee grinder. 🙂

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