it’s ours.

Today, we went to farmer’s market and took our boy to the park where we heard moms bragging about their estates on three acres of vineyards, where they off-handedly mentioned that they just had to get away from their kids so they left them with the nanny without even saying they were leaving. I can certainly appreciate living on a vineyard or having great childcare, but it’s the way these people bandy this shit about, the way they compete that drives me crazy.

But guess what? In a month’s time, this will no longer be our reality unless we choose to visit. So long as my wife sees this house and doesn’t hate it (because that’s what it would take), we’re moving. We heard this afternoon: The place is ours to rent.

Holy crap. We’re moving in less than a month!

Boxes. We need boxes.



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8 responses to “it’s ours.

  1. Jen

    Yippee!!!! So happy for you and you need to post some pictures when you get settled.

  2. Hooray! I’m so excited for you guys. It just sounds so perfect.

  3. nutella

    What a great place! Can’t wait to read about your homestead projects. Lemons off a tree? Really?? That’s fantastic!

  4. c storm

    It’s sounded for a while now as if you really need a better, more ‘you’ locale. I’m glad it’s working out. Think about raising chickens! We do and it’s so easy and our little loves the whole thing and can collect eggs at fifteen months.

  5. That place sounds like heaven on earth, congrats on getting it. And how cool to have family as landlords?! Happy for the three of you!

  6. A.

    That’s amazing!!

  7. poppycat

    Yay yay yay!!! I’m thrilled for you. On to bigger and better things.

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