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first haircut

Our boy has always had very fine, very fair hair, but he’s starting to get a fair amount of it in the back and on the top as evidenced below:

So, after finding our son with matted messes on the back of his head every time we have taken him out of his carseat of late, we decided it was time for his first haircut. Our lovely stylist told us when we first started going to her when he was just a couple of months old that she wanted to give him his first cut, so to our lovely stylist we went today.

Her first step was to hand him a comb and to cover me in a drape. She told me, “I’m sorry to say it, but he’s not going to like this.” Sure enough, he immediately asked her to put the comb back, “In! In!” he demanded pointing at her drawer.

She then quickly got started. Our stylist has two boys of her own, and she has given lots of first haircuts. She told us they always cry like she’s cutting out their brains. BG was no exception:

But in the end, he did survive, and he’s got a cute new big boy haircut to show for it. I only cried a little on our way out to the car. I held the envelope with the snips of his hair–the hair he was born with—and welled up at how much he has grown. Oh how I love my handsome boy.


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night weaning: night 1

Okay, so last night wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It could have been worse, and it could have been better. I had so much anxiety that I couldn’t get to sleep until about 12:30, at which point my wife came out to tell me BG wouldn’t sleep anywhere but our bed. She opted to leave him there with her for awhile. Sadly, my poor J cannot sleep when she and BG are there alone together, so she was awake a lot of the night. Apparently he went down in his bed again around 4:00 and then woke her (and me) up positively wailing at around 5:15. She brought him out and asked me to come to bed and help out, which I did. This was the first BG had nursed since before he went to bed at around 6:30pm–the longest he has ever gone! Needless to say, he was very serious about his nursing once I got there. I’m okay with that, though, and I’m hoping that we can get to about 6:00 most days before he needs to nurse. That I could handle.

As for how the night itself went, apparently, BG only asked J to nurse once or twice, and one of the times, he was lifting her shirt hoping she would finally relent and let him nurse with her (he’s always been convinced that she should). Alas, she did not, and he fell asleep with some cuddles instead. One can’t blame the boy for being persistent! There were no tears between 12:30 and 5:15, which is far better than I had expected. Unfortunately, we’re all also very tired from the disruption in our usual sleep routines (and for J, just from staying up most of the night), but I’m hopeful that once BG is broken of his nighttime habit, the sleep will come longer and more easily. Tonight we’ll do the same thing (after J has a long afternoon nap). After going through it, I doubt I’ll have the anxiety I did, and I’m looking forward to the sleep.

In other news, if all goes well with his naptime, BG is getting his first haircut today! Photos to come, of course.


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sofa surfing

First, I want to thank you all for your wonderful support on my last post. I have been a little funny about sharing this out in the open, so to have such encouraging feedback once I finally decided to throw it out there is very lovely and affirming. I will be sure to keep you all abreast of the developments of this pursuit!

Tonight, I am, for the first time, sleeping in a room separate from my son. My wife is taking over nighttime parenting for the next few nights in an effort to get the boy night-weaned. I am sleeping on the sofa to keep temptation away. I am listening to him cry right now. I know she is comforting him and that he is safe and will ultimately go back to sleep, but this is so damn hard.

When I nursed BG before bed tonight, I told him that “na-na” was going night-night tonight just like he was. I don’t think he understood. I don’t think he will understand, but we are hoping that once na-na isn’t available all night, he’ll be a little less distracted by it and will get some sleep. That’s the theory anyway. That’s what everyone says will happen. I don’t know if it will, but I do know that we’ve only got a few days before J starts teaching again, and then we’ll have another four days before she can solo nighttime parent again. It would be nice if he got the hang of it in just a couple of nights. Do you hear that BG? Sleep, big boy, sleep.

One would think I would welcome a night like this to get a full night’s sleep–something I haven’t had in over sixteen months–but I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much more than J will. The anxiety sets in every time I hear him crying from our room. So much for the no-cry part of the no-cry sleep solution. I have a feeling we’ll all shed some tears tonight. I just have to remind myself that this is going to be good for all of us. It is, right?


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