how is that possible?

Has it really been nearly two weeks since I last posted? That just doesn’t seem possible. I do have good excuses. For example, some friends of ours just had their second baby, and we’ve been trying to help them out here and there. We’ve also had visitors from afar, and we’ve been rental hunting, so we’re sort of busy. More than that, my wife is still on her winter break from teaching, so we’re spending lots of family time together. We even managed to get a hike in over the weekend, which we haven’t done in ages–not since I was about six months pregnant.

We looked at a house today that was promising, but it was also on the busiest street in our new town and had the steepest driveway I’ve ever seen. Our car literally groaned as we tried to inch our way down. It was an okay place but ultimately not the greatest arrangement for us. It was a good way of dipping our toes in the water again though, and we’ll continue looking more actively in the coming month or so.

We have begun the work of applying the No-Cry Sleep Solution. We’ve had the book since our sleep problems started when BG was four months old, so I’d say it’s long past time to put them to work. So far, we’re in the tracking stage to see where we’re really going wrong and what we need to resolve, but in the process, BG has been sleeping longer stretches at the beginning of the night. Last night, he slept for six hours straight. That’s the longest he has ever slept. The rest of the night was shit, but that first six hours (most of which were still waking hours for us) were pretty great.

Amidst working on his sleep, BG has almost become a true toddler. He has taken more and more independent steps, and while he still isn’t quite confident to truly walk on his own, he’s really working on it and prefers to take one of our hands and say “Let’s go. Go, go, go,” as he walks around the house. It’s really quite cute. He spends the majority of his day on his feet now, and he’ll walk to us or between two base points (sofa to chair, for example), so it’s really a matter now of him building his confidence. He now has a couple of push toys, so he grabs one of those anytime he wants to walk somewhere. He has also been known to walk our big blue exercise ball around the house with a large grin on his face. So he’s walking; he’s just not ready to make it official I think.

I do have more to write about, but it will have to wait for another day. Sometimes I feel like I’ve just got to break the ice when it’s been this long–just write, already.


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3 responses to “how is that possible?

  1. Cindyhoo2

    One six-hour stretch since his birth?!! Omg, how are you sane?

    All rhat assisted walking sounds too cute for words.

  2. A.

    Go BG! Can’t wait to see some walking video.

  3. K

    Wow, I too am impressed you all are still vertical if that’s the first time he’s slept 6 hours in over a year. Hope the NCSS brings some relief! We definitely incorporated parts of that into the hodge-podge system that finally worked for us.

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