no no no no no no no

So guess which family now has a cold on the heels of the worst pukey sick in history? I’ll give you a hint: our last name is “Genius.” Yeah. That’s us. Sick, sick, sick. As I was still recovering from the ick on New Year’s Eve, I noticed BG had a cough. We were all so wiped out, J and I fell asleep well before midnight. And then the next morning, she woke up with a nasty cold. I’ve been fighting it, so I’ve got the version, which is still a cold but a little one. I can’t fucking believe this.

We are due to start up with BG’s second session of Music Together this weekend, but we’re seriously contemplating taking a few months off. The class is wonderful, but we just want a couple of months to have a fighting chance to be healthy, and going to that class seems to get our son sick on a near-weekly basis. It’s a sad thought because he loves his music class so much (and so do we), but being sick every other week can’t be good for him, and it’s not good for any of us when his moms catch what he has and can barely muster the strength to take care of him.

Once we’re well, we’re officially taking every step we can to be as healthy as we possibly can. Time to kick those immune systems into shape. But for now, it’s back to my tea and blanket.


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4 responses to “no no no no no no no

  1. Jen

    Our families should start a sickie commune… We have basically been sick since September. For a week, we had all three had colds and I am up at 1:30am because I was coughing so hard. Awesome. I hope you guys get better super duper soon!

  2. OH NO!!! So sorry to hear that you guys are sick…again! Sending lots of feel-better-vibes your way!!
    PS – just a suggestion…since BG loves his music class so much..maybe invest in one of those little music kits (i.e. the Meli.ssa & D.ou.g one?) and have music class at home? Or even make your own! With my preschoolers, we made music “shakers” with bells and beans glitter/confetti in an empty clear plastic water bottle (superglued the top on) and they loved it! 🙂 Hang in there!

    • reproducinggenius

      Oh yes, we’ll definitely do music at home. We’ve gotten him lots of instruments over the past few months, so it’s definitely a part of our daily lives! Love the shaker idea though–it sounds really cute. We’ll have to make a couple of those too! We currently have one made with a water bottle and aquarium gravel. It makes great sound!

  3. A.

    Dude, you have had it ROUGH with sickness this winter! I think taking a few months off from germ-infested playplaces sounds like a good plan. Feel better, everyone!

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