out with the old, in with the new

I am slowly recovering from this stomach bug my family has been trapped under for the past several days. It’s brutal! I will be happy to leave it and all of the other illnesses my family has endured right here in 2010. I declare 2011 the beginning of our healthy years, free of aches and chills, fevers and sniffles.

It really has been a challenging year for us in so many ways, illnesses aside. From job issues to relationship matters, looking for a new place to live with no success, and just traveling the road of parenting a toddler–we’re ready to move forward from this year, ready to welcome in some positivity.

I won’t say that this year with our son hasn’t been positive. He’s been the bright spot of every moment. Our baby boy genius makes us smile and laugh and love like we never have before, and for that, my wife and I are so grateful and even awed. It’s really spectacular being this boy’s parent, and I know it will just get better.

So leaving this year behind means leaving behind a lot of ick, but it also means leaving behind a lot of really amazing memories of our family coming into its own. 2010 will forever be the year of our first trip as a family to Humboldt, our first time taking our son to the beach, our time dipping baby toes in the pool, his first tastes of cherries and watermelon, and our first times hearing “Mama” and “Mom-Mom” in our son’s voice. These are the things I want to remember about 2010. I want to look back on a year when despite tough times, we muddled through and even lived pretty well despite our problems.

And next year–well, next year will bring a whole slough of newness, won’t it? 

  • We will finally make our move to our preferred town because the right place for our family, felines and all, will come up soon. It won’t be easy, but what we find will be ours, and it will have a space for our son to run around (and he will run–and maybe even walk–this coming year).
  • We will finally learn to leave our son with a trusted babysitter. We will go on dates, partake in adult activities, and focus more on ourselves as a couple.
  • We will continue to grow our community of friends locally.
  • We will have a garden again and teach BG about growing our own food.
  • I will go back to teaching.
  • I will, however, also begin pursuing a new career path…something I am excited to write about here, something that I’m not quite ready to say out loud, something really special.

With so much to look back on and so much to look forward to, I find myself feeling very blessed in this moment. We will celebrate tomorrow evening with a miniature bottle of champagne. I may even eat more than a potato or saltines. Yes, there is much to celebrate as the wheel of the year keeps turning.

Happy New Year to all of you out there. May all of your biggest wishes come true in the coming year.



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4 responses to “out with the old, in with the new

  1. Cindyhoo2

    What a beautiful rethinking of this past year!

  2. Your new year sounds yummy, delightful and full of good things.

  3. Happy new year! That’s a great list of ‘resolutions.’

  4. poppycat

    I’m very excited to follow along with you as 2011, the year of goodness and firsts, unfolds for the Family BG. Wishing you everything you need and desire this year.

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