and now that i’ve gotten that out

Holiday Highlights:

  • Solstice morning as BG insisted on returning gifts to their proper receptacles.
  • Feeding BG his first Christmas cookie (he even helped us decorate) and his insistence on calling all things sweet and delicious “Mmmmmmm!” (which really means “muffin” to him).
  • Watching BG suddenly understand how unwrapping gifts works.
  • Enjoying the surprise on his face when he saw a gift he loved.
  • Holding my four-month-old nephew and soaking in his squishy baby-ness, even though I had to hide from the super-jealous BG to do so.
  • Snuggling with my two-year-old niece as she wound down for the evening on Christmas.
  • Watching BG and his cousin hugging over and over again.
  • Two days later, seeing the three cousins with their adorable seven-month-old twin second cousins. It was babies galore that evening!
  • Seeing our boy marvel at the cuteness of babies.
  • Watching my son saddle up on his new rocking moose that Santa brought him and insisting that the stuffed moose Grandma gave him sit on his lap for the ride.
  • Spying BG shredding wrapping paper with his Mama to put into a wooden bowl when he got overstimulated. Good coping skills, my son!
  • Learning that my step-dad was indeed the person who taught BG to stick out his tongue to catch raindrops.
  • Watching my son walk all by himself (unbeknownst to him) pushing his new airplane push toy.
  • Seeing my kid surrounded in a pile of new books, flipping through each one of them.
  • Taking a drive with my mom, J, and BG to admire Christmas lights.
  • Meeting my wife after her last day of grading conferences at our town square for impromptu shopping, lunch, and toddler swinging.
  • Watching kids dance in the golden leaves that were falling like snow that day on the town square.
  • Taking BG to meet Santa at a town center, only to find they had moved him to a small corner of a nearby Bas.kin Ro.bbins and then seeing BG’s dubious look when the strange man in the red suit offered to hold him. Yeah right, Dude. Hands off, his face read.
  • Having time–real time–with my wife and son on a daily basis. There is nothing in the world so precious as this, no gift greater. 


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5 responses to “and now that i’ve gotten that out

  1. What lovely moments in your season. I’m so glad for you and your family!

  2. A.

    It sounds…perfect. Happy new year to that great family of yours.

  3. Cousin

    Just a little note to say how wonderful it was to see you and BG at Christmas. He is a beautiful baby boy and we missed J very much (she always gives us the perspective we need on all the chaos.) I can’t wait till next year when we can just bundle them all up and head outside to let them get all that pent up steam out! Love to your beautiful family 🙂

  4. Cindyhoo2

    The small moments really add up to greater Than the sum of their parts. Beautiful!

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