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and now that i’ve gotten that out

Holiday Highlights:

  • Solstice morning as BG insisted on returning gifts to their proper receptacles.
  • Feeding BG his first Christmas cookie (he even helped us decorate) and his insistence on calling all things sweet and delicious “Mmmmmmm!” (which really means “muffin” to him).
  • Watching BG suddenly understand how unwrapping gifts works.
  • Enjoying the surprise on his face when he saw a gift he loved.
  • Holding my four-month-old nephew and soaking in his squishy baby-ness, even though I had to hide from the super-jealous BG to do so.
  • Snuggling with my two-year-old niece as she wound down for the evening on Christmas.
  • Watching BG and his cousin hugging over and over again.
  • Two days later, seeing the three cousins with their adorable seven-month-old twin second cousins. It was babies galore that evening!
  • Seeing our boy marvel at the cuteness of babies.
  • Watching my son saddle up on his new rocking moose that Santa brought him and insisting that the stuffed moose Grandma gave him sit on his lap for the ride.
  • Spying BG shredding wrapping paper with his Mama to put into a wooden bowl when he got overstimulated. Good coping skills, my son!
  • Learning that my step-dad was indeed the person who taught BG to stick out his tongue to catch raindrops.
  • Watching my son walk all by himself (unbeknownst to him) pushing his new airplane push toy.
  • Seeing my kid surrounded in a pile of new books, flipping through each one of them.
  • Taking a drive with my mom, J, and BG to admire Christmas lights.
  • Meeting my wife after her last day of grading conferences at our town square for impromptu shopping, lunch, and toddler swinging.
  • Watching kids dance in the golden leaves that were falling like snow that day on the town square.
  • Taking BG to meet Santa at a town center, only to find they had moved him to a small corner of a nearby Bas.kin Ro.bbins and then seeing BG’s dubious look when the strange man in the red suit offered to hold him. Yeah right, Dude. Hands off, his face read.
  • Having time–real time–with my wife and son on a daily basis. There is nothing in the world so precious as this, no gift greater. 


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