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virgo emerging

My son is a Virgo, as am I. While I am not  one to place much weight on the various stereotypes associated with astrological signs, I can’t deny that there are some very Virgo-esque traits that we see him developing, primarily in the neat and tidy realm.


Clean laundry belongs in laundry baskets. Laundry that has been folded and placed in piles belongs back in the laundry basket. He is not satisfied until every last piece is in the basket (and he chants, “In! In! In!” as he does this). Unfortunately, because he has yet to master the art of keeping clothes folded, this means clothes/diapers/towels go back into the laundry baskets  in whichever state he is able to get them there–translation: unfolded.

Cabinet doors must be closed. If a cabinet door is left open, it must be closed immediately. Baby Genius will always take care of this.

Similarly, I have a water bottle with a pop-up lid. That lid should be closed. If found open, Baby Genius will close it.

When bath time is taking place, certain toys are played with in certain quadrants of the bathtub. Near the end of bathtime, the little bath puppet crocodile must be placed back on the faucet, and the stacking cups must be neatly stacked.

On a more personal note, when Baby Genius switches sides while nursing, the other side must be completely tucked away when he continues on the new side. He will stop nursing and work to cover me up if he finds that I haven’t done so in a timely manner.

And perhaps our very favorite practice of our tidy boy:

Toys belong in the toy baskets. When Baby Genius is finished playing with his toys, he has begun placing every last one back in his toy basket. This is a new and beautiful development. We can only hope it will continue.

As you can see, we either have an emerging Super-Virgo neat freak or an emerging case of OCD. Either way, how can you not love this kid?


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