Daily Archives: November 27, 2010

love, pride, and pretty pictures

I have mentioned once before our recent photo shoot we had with some local lesbian photographers. They have this amazing business photographing just women and children, and it’s really taking off. Today they launched their “Love and Pride” gallery on their website, in which they have posted photos from sessions between their lesbian couple clients. We have been featured several times within the gallery. Check it out on their website: http://www.inherimagephoto.com . Once you’re there, click on Goddess Galleries, and then select “Love and Pride.” You’ll know who we are, and if not, just enjoy the pretty pictures.

And if you’re ever in the SF Bay Area and want some really amazing photography, either for yourself, your little one, or other women in your life, check them out. A photo shoot with them is a very special experience unlike any other. J and I walked away from ours feeling empowered, beautiful, and as though we had been seen for who we really are. It was worth every penny.


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