Daily Archives: November 24, 2010

the best of plans

Almost every year, we travel to my mom’s house this time of year, and I end up cooking the majority of the Thanksgiving dinner, absorbing my mother’s stress, and finding myself utterly exhausted by my constant attempts at trying to make the holiday a little more relaxing. This year, we are blissfully off the hook. My parents are on a cruise celebrating their anniversary, and my siblings and I are scattered to the wind. Actually, we’re hunkered down during this cold, cold spell enjoying some sorely-needed at-home time together.

Tomorrow, we’ll not be preparing a huge feast, although there will be the aforementioned stuffed pumpkin, which we’re very excited to try, and there will also be a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. Any excuse to enjoy pumpkin in our household is a good one.

Overall, we expect a stress-free day with no work (very unusual around here) and just good family time. There will be a walk at our favorite county park. There will be wine. There will be laughter and hugs and kisses and good family time. And this year, as much as I love my parents and siblings, I am so thankful that I get this day with my precious little family.

Sometimes having no plans is the best plan of all.


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