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friday night small talk bullets

  • We have finally escaped our mid-November heat wave. It is cold and raining. And with the rain has come yet another cold for Baby Genius–and likely for J as well. Really? Damn bakery worker.
  • Tomorrow, we may or may not be attending BG’s final Music Together class for the season, depending on his illness. We hope we can attend. He has soaked this class up like the little sponge that he is. It’s fascinating seeing how well he uses instruments now, how attentive he is to the songs, how well he knows them, and that he definitely has favorites.
  • BG is in love with his teacher. He gazes at her adoringly while she sings, and he always asks to go to her at the end of class. She holds him while he waves bye-bye to J and I. When I try to take him back, he refuses. He loves this woman and she loves him. We have urged her not to break his heart, and she promises she won’t. (On another note, she also has informed us that she would love to babysit for us anytime once we move to the new town–and we would totally trust this woman. )
  • We get to have Thanksgiving by ourselves this year, which is a really lovely treat. We have opted to go 100% local and vegetarian for the day, and we’re very excited to be making a stuffed pumpkin (thanks to the great idea from the lovely ladies at Pumpkin Passion). Yum.
  • We have recently learned that BG is mildly anemic, so we have to take him in for an appointment for yet another hemoglobin check and then likely some supplements. I would prefer to really bulk up the iron in his diet, but because he is, in fact, a toddler, and we can’t guarantee what he’s going to like from one day to the next, we’ll likely go with the supplement for awhile. Boo.

Happy weekend. I hope it’s lovely for all of you.

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