Since the house thing happened last weekend, and since we opted out of the deal, I feel so very stalled on this move. It seems as though there are no houses coming available, and those that are won’t accept our cats. I adore our cats. I have adored them for over a decade. But can I tell you a secret? I’m kind of over them right now. Now, I would be devastated and sad if something happened to any of the three, but they’ve lived long, healthy lives with us, but ultimately, should they decide to wander off and find a new home or something, I would be okay with that.

Yes, I’m a terrible person–a terrible cat parent at least. My son would be so sad (oh, but the cats would be free from his constant tail-pulling!).

But the truth is, we have these cats, and we have three people, and we’ve got some specific needs as a result for a place to live (i.e. the place has to allow cats, have at least two bedrooms, etc.). And, well, there’s the budget. We simply cannot afford to spend $5,000 a month for that hilltop vineyard mansion that we really deserve. Ugh.

I think that the whole process of nearly entering this most recent deal just took a lot out of me. From the day we first learned about the place, I talked with the owner on the phone three different times–the first for over half an hour, the second for nearly an hour and a half! We invested far too much energy in something we thought would work and what ultimately did not. It was exhausting getting to the conclusion that we did, and once we did, the momentum just kind of sputtered and died. Now we’ll be lucky to be out of here by February.

And it doesn’t help that I’ve got yet another cold. Bleh. That is all I have to say.

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  1. Elsha Quinn

    I’ve heard this is good as a prophylactic!

    And good luck on the house hunt. Don’t lose hope yet. Some of the best deals I’ve found on housing have been at the last minute. Keep searching!

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