no more mystery

Well, the mystery adventure was certainly an adventure. We were looking at a house in our future town. We knew it was an unusual situation going into it–the owner wanted to rent his home but store his belongings in his garage. For a reduction in rent, we would also have taken on some administrative assistant duties for his lucrative software business. The house was in a very nice neighborhood and was a 2, 000 square foot, 3 bedroom house at the price of a very small 2 bedroom apartment. So it would have been a good deal, except when we got there–surprise, surprise–the man had slightly misrepresented the situation. He would be walling off the large den to maintain his office and servers, so we wouldn’t have access to that. Some of his things would be stored in the garage, but what he really wanted was for us to be so grateful to have his things around that he wouldn’t have to move them out. We’re talking an enormous entertainment center with an equally gigantic TV, a huge china cabinet that was completely glass (I had very scary images of BG’s future encounters with that cabinet), and many, many more items, including his wife’s coats, which she planned to keep in the hall closet. Oh, and we would have to endure weekly visits from his IT person. And we would have to pay for our own repairs. So, um, yeah. While he represented this as a great deal, it was far from it. The man thought he was doing us some sort of favor, but in fact it was insulting and honestly extraordinarily off-putting. Imagine our surprise when his wife was telling us we could even use their special garbage can in the kitchen! Ugh.

So our search for the perfect home continues. Hell, we don’t need perfect. We just need livable, pleasant, and dare I say, normal. However, now we have to add to our wish list that we don’t want any strings attached–and that we would prefer not to live with someone else’s coats.


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7 responses to “no more mystery

  1. jay

    wow. just…. wow!!!!!!!!!

  2. vee

    Bizarre! I guess some things simply ARE too good to be true.

  3. Cindyhoo2

    What an odd man!

  4. Jen

    Seriously? They would let you use their trashcan… how generous!

  5. How strange! Will be interesting to see if anyone takes him up on his generous offer 😉

  6. Ugh, how frustrating! I’m sorry you’re still hunting.

  7. Jodi

    Yes, this was a weird scenario all around. They didn’t want to move their washer and dryer; I wasn’t necessarily averse to using someone else’s washer/dryer, but they told us we would have to leave the door to the washer open because it molded otherwise. I have my own washer and dryer which does not require such a habit. Oh, and there’s more! The wife basically didn’t want to move or pack because she kept pointing at things saying “you can use this” (pointing to her cookware) and this (Kitchen Aide). You know, we’re teachers who make a modest income, not destitute! We have stuff, including pans and a kitcheaide. We’ve been together for 13 years, more than enough time to accumulate our own crap. We don’t need to move in on top of yours! Plus, there was all this stuff he was going to leave but that we couldn’t or shouldn’t use, like a hot tub and an outdoor heater. Whatever!

    He said he had two organic raised beds for gardening. Riiiiight… there was one and it was rotting. When I asked him if I could paint one of the rooms (one of the walls had a very ugly mustard color sponge-painted on it) he hedged like I was asking to knock out a wall.

    He kept telling us how much his stuff cost. But here’s the deal: they were disgusting, and in many ways, so was the house. The carpets were filthy, there was food all over the place, and you could tell they didn’t even bother to pick up the place before we arrived. It was ridiculous!

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