Baby Genius Tells All!

Baby Genius has responses for your questions thus far. If you have other questions for him, feel free to leave them here. He is enjoying having so much attention directed to him, for, as he has told me, he has many opinions of his own. Here we go!

If you had to live somewhere else besides CA, where would you live?

I have only lived in California so far, but I know I like a lot of trees, so being somehwere with a lot of trees would be really cool. I also like the ocean a lot. My mommy thinks we’re a West Coast family, but I don’t know what that means. As long as there are trees to touch and dogs to talk to, I’ll be happy. Since I don’t like to wear socks, it’s probably better if we don’t live somewhere too cold.

BG, what is your favorite thing to eat and your favorite toy?

My most favorite thing to eat in the whole world is mommy’s milk, but it doesn’t fill me up like it did when I was a little baby, so now I like yogurt and bread. Even if everything else my moms give me is totally yucky, there’s always yogurt. In fact, sometimes I throw all of my food on the floor just so they will make their frowny faces and tromp into the kitchen to get me yogurt. They say I’m manipu-something, but I say I just want yogurt. I like veggie burgers a whole lot too, but not as much as yogurt. Oh, and crackers. I loooooooove crackers. Especially the bunny ones. And bread too. Bread is awesome, and I think I could eat it all the time, but only if I could have yogurt too.

My favorite toy is my wallet. I have two of them actually, and I like them both. My moms gave me credit cards even. They say this isn’t a baby toy, but I beg to differ. I also really love my big boy drum. It makes SO MUCH NOISE, and it makes a good bucket too. In the bath, my most favorite toy right now is my water bear. Mama says it used to be a honey bear. I don’t know what a honey bear is, but my water bear rocks.

How do you like cloth diapering? How has your relationship to it evolved over the last year or so?

I think cloth diapers are SUPER soft and comfy! My moms sometimes put me in these half-and-half disposable things, and they make me itchy. I don’t remember the last time I was in a real disposable diaper, but I know I used to wear them sometimes, and they would leave these funny little balls all over my butt! I like my cloth diapers, but I really like to take them off as soon as my moms put them on me. They say they will get all snap diapers now because the velcro is too easy for me, but they don’t seem to realize I can undo the snaps too. I am glad that my moms use cloth diapers, but they really need to find something better for night time because I pee A LOT at night, and sometimes I wake up in the morning with wet pajamas now, and my moms say I stink like pee. I think my relationship to cloth diapers has been the same except my poop is different now, so my moms say they are easier to clean. My mommy says she will talk about this more some other time becuase I don’t really know what “evolved” means and the dictionary is up to high for me to reach today.

What is your advice for CD systems? Any pitfalls to avoid?

I think my mommy is gonna have to answer this one too, but I think I have some good advice. Make sure you change your baby often because cloth diapers don’t hold us much pee as disposable diapers, and then our clothes get wet, and we don’t like that one bit. I really prefer the pocket diapers my moms got for me because they don’t make me feel as wet as the ones they call prefoldsandcovers.

How often do you get diaper rash, and what is your favorite remedy?

I think I only had diaper rash really bad one time, and it was when my moms were using disposable diapers on me at night. I don’t usually have any diaper rash at all. If I have a little bit, my moms use something called butt paste, and it makes it go away just like that! Yep, I just asked my mommy, and she said I don’t really get diaper rash. I guess I have a tough butt.

What is your favorite song? Are there any that make you laugh particularly hard? Send you off to sleep?

I go to music class every Saturday, and we listen to that music all the time. My favorite song from music class is “Do-Oh Do-Oh” because we dance around for that song. I really love “Upside Down” by Jack Johnson because it makes me feel snuggly with my moms. Bob Marley is like my favorite singer ever, and “Three Little Birds” always makes me feel happy when I’m sad. My moms made up a song called “Frogs On Your Feet,” and that makes me really laugh. Another song they made up is called “King of the Swamp,” and that’s kinda funny too because in it they tell me I’m a crocodile. But really, I’m not. My sleepy songs are mostly “Hmmm Hmmm” which I don’t think is really a song, and now my moms sing “Leaves Are Falling” from music class to me. It’s so boring that I fall asleep really fast for that one, but my moms just keep singing it over and over again.


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6 responses to “Baby Genius Tells All!

  1. Jen

    Great answers BG! You are such a big boy. Mommy said you like “bunny crackers”… Are those Annie’s, or something else???

    • reproducinggenius

      They are Annie’s bunnies. So far, the cheddar ones are the only ones I can crunch. They are sooooooo good! (And my mommy thinks so too.)

  2. jilldab

    Fun to hear what the BG is thinking. Would BG be interested in siblings at any point in the future?

  3. Miles says ‘bunny crackers are yummy! and I’ve never been to California, but it sounds nice. I like trees and dogs, too, but not so much the ocean…’

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