Ask Baby Genius

Baby Genius informed me today that he wouldn’t mind fielding some questions from his fans our readers, and he’s willing to answer anything you throw out there–a good, old-fashioned toddler tell-all. So what do you want to know? Don’t be shy. You can ask anything. Anything!

Post your questions today, and we’ll see what Baby Genius has to say. (Don’t worry; I’ll translate.) (And no, I did not intend to rhyme. It’s clear I’ve been reading far too much Seuss.)


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6 responses to “Ask Baby Genius

  1. If you had to live somewhere else besides CA, where would you live? (I know you haven’t seen a whole lot elsewhere, Mr BG 🙂

  2. Jen

    BG, what is your favorite thing to eat and your favorite toy? (these are clearly the two most
    important arenas in a boy’s life!)

  3. Schroedinger

    I have a question: How do you like cloth diapering? How has your relationship to it evolved over the last year or so?

  4. Schroedinger

    Oops– I meant to add more: What is your advice for CD systems? Any pitfalls to avoid? Thanks BG!

  5. BG, how often do you get diaper rash? and what’s your favorite remedy? Dance Off Pants Off is our course of action…well, in any situation, not just diaper rashes!

  6. What is your favorite song? Are there any that make you laugh particularly hard? Send you off to sleep?

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