home again

Baby Genius and I have safely returned from our travels, and we are so glad to be home. Today’s journey was accompanied by a rather terrifying rainstorm, which we had to endure while traversing scary traffic between Sacramento and San Francisco. At one point, I had to pull off the road because I had zero visibility, for the rain was coming down so hard. I did see many rainbows, but I was so shaky and frazzled that I could scarcely make note of them.

We had a successful weekend all around. Baby Genius got to enjoy some time in the country with his grandparents. He enjoyed outside the most, and he practiced this word over and over. At Grandma and Grandpa’s house, there is a swing for the grandkids, which BG enjoyed quite a bit as evidenced here:

Grandma also is a collector of windchimes of various shapes, sizes, and materials. All around the house and decks are these chimes, and BG loves to ring them, and loves to listen to them even more.

Today was spent with family indoors, except for when Grandpa took a very bundled Baby Genius outside to explore in the rain. They then came in to warm themselves up by the fire. BG and his grandpa have not bonded much until now, so today was very special and so important for them, for all of us. My siblings came over with BG’s cousins as well, and BG finally got to properly meet his three-month-old boy cousin. He touched his head over and over, and when an attempt was made at a photo of the three grandkids, he pulled his hair. Yes, that’s my brutish son. Ugh.

BG’s 89-year-old great-grandmother (my grandma) wrangled him into her lap at one point, and he threw some gang signs.

All of the family time was incredible, but it was so good to come home, so good to see J again and to be back to my center. I missed us.

As a side note, the diapering went just fine, although next time I won’t overthink it so much and will bring our usual AIOs and pockets.

And now, to bed…


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7 responses to “home again

  1. Sounds like you had a great time!! Driving in the rain scares me too. I always think I’m going to hydroplane.

  2. A.

    What a wonderful weekend. (And could he get any cuter?)

  3. What a great trip (minus the storms on the way home). Fun swing and cute hat (and baby!)

  4. schroedinger

    Horay for a succesful trip!
    I have a question for you re: cloth diapering. We are going to do our best to make it work, and have gotten about 30 NICE (not the gerber kind, though we have about 10 of those) pre-folds + 10 covers to start. I was going to get a starter pack of three pocket diapers from Bummis to see how that works for us before commiting to that. We also have about 60 newborn disposables donated from other people’s leftovers/outgrown supplies to help get us through the uncertain first weeks. Any suggestions of what works/doesn’t work? What should we be thinking about?

  5. What a wonderful weekend! Bonding with Grandpa sounds particularly good.

    I’m glad to know cloth diapering worked for your weekend adventure. We’re traveling for the first time with them this weekend. We normally use fitted and prefolds on the weekends, but I may go with our pockets for simplicity (and they are SO cute.).

    • reproducinggenius

      I definitely recommend the pockets for traveling, primarily because they require fewer changes, and when away from home, I find fewer changes to be better. Good luck!

  6. poppycat

    Sounds like a wonderful trip! Hooray!

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