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my budding procrastinator

Our son is 14 months old today, and he does not walk. We’re not worried because he shows many signs that his muscle development is just fine. It seems that he just isn’t interested. We get questions all the time though: “Does he walk yet?” And when we respond that he doesn’t, people look at us, aghast, and say “Really?!” Yes, really. He doesn’t walk. And he’s normal. It’s not because he doesn’t have the opportunity–the boy cruises all over the living room, all over his room, our room, but he just isn’t into doing it on his own, and lately, he doesn’t like us to help him do it either. He used to, but now he will plant his butt on the floor and rip his hands out of ours if we try. He’s telling us he’s just not ready. He likes things the way they are.

We’re very okay with that. He gets around very well with crawling, which is just fine. But even that took him some time. He didn’t army crawl until he was nine months old. He didn’t start cross crawling until he was eleven months old. The boy likes to take his time.

And he always has taken his time. With rolling over, we were becoming concerned that at five months he wasn’t rolling regularly, and then over lunch, J and I were reading a developmental milestones book to one another, and that day he rolled. It was as though he was saying, Rolling? Oh, yeah–I can do that.  No need to nag me about it; see, I did it. Now get off my back already! The same day, he showed us his pincer grasp (we had also read about this). The boy does things on his own time; he just likes to cut things close to the wire.

I think we are seeing the emergence of a procrastinator. He will work on one of his skills, and then not pay much attention to it until just before the cutoff for normalcy, and then he’ll show us that he can do it. Early on, this would worry us. Now we know it’s just a thing he does, so we relax about it.

So, no, our son doesn’t walk. Why would he? He’s still got at least three months.


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