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have i lost my mind?

Baby Genius and I are striking out on our own this weekend, and we’re taking our very first road trip just the two of us to see his grandma and grandpa (and giving J some much-needed time to catch up on grading). It’s a three-hour trip, which makes me a little nervous, but we have ample music to keep the boy happy, and I’m prepared to make a few more stops than usual to make sure he stays happy. My big hope is that he takes a nice long nap both ways.

Perhaps one of the braver things we’re doing is we’re cloth diapering for the whole trip, which is a first for us. When BG was little, we would buy disposables for trips out of town. Then, we invested in some Gro Baby (now GroVia) hybrids so that we could just do the biodegradable inserts on the road. This has worked well–they got us through our week-long trip to Humboldt very easily–and it’s probably our best method so far. Unfortunately, I’ve been a little lazy about ordering new inserts, and since I can’t get them in stores here, my choices for this trip were disposables or cloth. I tried to get diposables. I went to the store and stood in the diaper aisle for a good ten minutes. I gazed at the possibilities–the “natural” cotton, the chlorine-free, the bargain-priced store brand. I gasped at the prices (I could buy a whole new cloth diaper for the cost of a package–and use it hundreds of times!). I tried to determine which size BG would wear. I tried to figure out how many we’d use and how many would be left over. But I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t spend the money on them knowing we had perfectly good diapers at home. So instead, my big compromise was to buy some disposable wipes and come home. Even that felt like I was being frivolous. We love our cloth wipes. But I thought it would be wise to make at least one part of this journey easier.

Now, as we’re trying to get packed, we’re faced with the hard part–figuring out what and how many to bring. We generally use pocket diapers, but we also have some all-in-ones (AIO), and we have the Gro Babies which we use with prefolds from time to time. So I’m bringing all of our AIOs (7), all of our shells for the Gro Babies (6), twelve prefolds, the cotton GB inserts, some extra microfiber stuffers (which I’ve also been known to use in the GB shells), and two triple-stuffed overnight pocket diapers (we’ll be there for two nights). I opted against doing all pocket diapers because they are so very bulky to pack, and I just don’t want to bring a whole huge suitcase of diapers. By going with the covers and the AIOs, I think we’ll be almost as compact as we would be with disposables, but with just a little extra work. I don’t have a dry bag large enough to fit everything, so a garbage bag it will be–and, if I need to, I can always wash a load of diapers at my mom’s before coming home.

I’m honestly looking forward to seeing how this goes. I think we’ll be successful, and I think BG will ultimately be much more comfy in his usual diapers than he would be in some disposables. It’s a first, though, so wish us luck!

Now back to packing. I’m sharing a little suitcase with my boy, and something about that feels so very special.


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