Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

funny face

Baby Genius is turning into a baby comedian. He loves to make us laugh. For example, we’ve been doing this thing since he was little where I smell his foot and make terrible faces and wave my hand as if to waft the odor away. He now sticks his foot in my face and mimics the sound. In fact, he makes that sound every time I mention that something is icky or stinky. He mostly loves to do it when he’s nursing and suddenly his foot is floating below my nose and a grin has crept across his face while he awaits my reaction.

About a month ago, BG started making this cute little crinkly-nosed face, and a week or two ago, we started asking to see his “funny face.” He now does it on command. In fact, he has more than one, but here is the original (which is now “stinky face”), complete with Halloween motif:

And his latest variation (note the squinty eyes):

How can you not love these faces? I love this kid’s emerging personality.


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