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election night

We’re awaiting tonight’s election results with a fair amount of interest. It’s no presidential election, but as political junkies, my wife and I tend to get pretty invested in these races, even those outside of our state.

While the polls only closed here in California just an hour ago, it looks fairly certain that M.eg Wh.itman has lost–a relief because she would have been a total disaster, and I’m tired of disastrous governance of this state. Under Schwarzenegger’s reign as governor, funding for higher education has all but disappeared, leaving my teaching career on hold. I have not taught since the fall of 2008, and I miss it so. Here’s hoping that with new leadership, we’ll have better funding for our schools.

I am also watching Prop 19 closely. It looks like it may not pass, but I wish it would. Having lived in Humboldt County where so much of the economy is wrapped up in pot, I’ve seen what the money can do. I know there are problems with this proposition, but I would love to see California make a statement and move ahead on legalizing this. Why not? It’s a plant for crying out loud. It’s far less harmful than alcohol. And to top it off, it could bring in some great revenue! I don’t use the stuff (anymore), but I know many highly functioning, responsible people who do, and it seems utterly ridiculous to me that it’s illegal.

And now I’m rambling likeĀ I just smoked a little myself. Now I just have mommy brain to blame.

So what’s going on where you are? Anything good?


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