a few things

So the house in the country was just not meant to be. We think the owners liked us, and we also think there wasn’t much interest in the house, but there’s plenty of reason. If one is into really rustic living, if one has a ton of time for hard-core yard work, if one doesn’t mind serious drafts or lots of bugs flying through one’s home, this might be just the place. But we’re not looking for a project rental, and that’s what this was. The property was so cool; it used to be an apple orchard, so it has a number of fruit trees on it, and the house had some charm, but it was so old and hadn’t been kept up. The kitchen was just unworkable, and there was no closet to speak of in the master (and none at all in the 2nd room). But beyond all these issues, Baby Genius didn’t like it. He had a funny worried look on his face in this place, and at one point, he got scared and needed to leave. My mom walked him around outside for the rest of the time we were there.

Oh, but there was the best chicken coup (I seriously was entertaining raising chickens for a minute), and a big garden, and did a I mention the fruit trees? Oh well. The search continues, and now we know a little more about what we want–and don’t want (leaky windows with no screens when living in the country would be among the things on our don’t want list).

In other news, Baby Genius is beginning to feel better, but his nose remains a fountain of ick. Poor guy. He is also in love with his Music Together teacher. He reached for her at the end of class today and once in her arms would not come back to me, J, or my mom. He simply waved at us as if to say, “I’ve found my dream mommy. You may take your leave!”

Finally, I think I’m gearing up for NaBloPoMo. I’ve done it every year since I started blogging. Why stop now?

And for now, that is all. I’m so very tired.



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2 responses to “a few things

  1. K

    Just catching up on a few weeks of blog posts…

    The house, while romantic and charming on one hand, sounds like a whole lot of daily, non-negotiable work on the other. Add in BG’s sixth sense about it and it sounds like you made the right choice. I hope the right home finds you soon.

  2. poppycat

    On to bigger and better things. The right house will find you.

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