the state of the move

So we’re still moving, but not for a little while. After our shady landlord heard from many tenants who apparently know tenant law a little better than he does (there were big problems with the options he gave us after raising our rent more than ten percent), he gave us the option to take a six month lease with no penalty for early withdrawal. We took this option so as not to have to move a week before J has to grade finals. We’re now aiming for moving at the end of the year and starting the new year in our new home.

The town where we’re moving is everything that is great about our county. It’s still in wine country, but closer to the coast, meaning just fifteen minutes to the beach. There is one central town with great little neighboring towns, all of which are a little on the crunchy side. Two-mom families, for most of that area, are not all that abnormal. People are nicer, more laid back, and very progressive. There are also these lovely rural areas just minutes outside of the towns where you can live in the country but still have the convenience of being close to town. The schools are amazing–one of them won awards for being the most sustainable school in the region, and they all have crazy-fabulous gardens and cool arts programs. Every cool cultural event you can imagine happens there, from celtic music  and blues festivals to great theater to who knows what else. All we know is that every time we see some event we want to attend, it’s happening in that area (case in point: there is an LGBT Halloween party for all ages, and kids are welcome–yeah). And the farms, oh the farms. There are all kinds of orchards and farms and patches and ranches–the local fresh food is to die for. And while it would seem such a crunchy little town might lack the refinement we have come to appreciate in our little retirement community for the wealthy and wine-soaked, it doesn’t. There are fabulous restaurants, world-class wines, art galleries, and just about anything we could want in a town, but without the excess of tourists. In short, it’s our little heaven on earth, and we’re so excited to finally be moving there.

We’re starting to see a few rentals available toward the end of the year, and since BG’s music class is in this town on Saturdays, we’re beginning to do some research. Last weekend, we had a drive-by look at a place out in the country. It would be some seriously rural living with only wood heat, but there was a pomegranate tree dripping with ripe fruit, and a fig tree that was lush and full. It’s on a full acre, and it’s only ten minutes from the heart of the main town. It would be a very different sort of life for us: much more quiet, much more privacy, some peace and solitude and lots of room for Baby Genius, the cats, and us to run. There would be ample room for a garden, inspiration for canning and creating. But it would also be hard work. There’s no manicured lawn–it’s wild. There would be wood to stack, fires to build, and all of those other things to do to make a home in the country. We might have to build a fence. Walking to the store or to town would not be a possibility. So there’s that. I know what much of this is like because it’s how I grew up, and to me, it sounds a little less romantic and a little more like work. On the other hand, J loves the idea because she has never had this, and when I see it through her eyes, I start to love it too. It might be just what we need.

So we’re really considering a move to the country. It might be this house, or it could be another one that has just a couple of more convenient amenities (I love fireplaces, but prefer for this to be an optional means of heating), but it’s exciting thinking about a new sort of life. Anything beyond this tourist haven, this wine taster’s mecca, this town where no one pushes a stroller costing less than $2000 will be a very, very delightful change.



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7 responses to “the state of the move

  1. A

    The town sounds like heaven…everything you could want! I hope you fond the perfect place.

  2. Sounds great! Something to look forward to; good luck getting there!

  3. poppycat

    I’m so excited for you to move! I can’t wait, although, I’m glad you get the option to do it on a more reasonable time line. I’ve always wanted to live in a Ncal town like the one you describe. Maybe when we retire we’ll be so lucky. Perhaps, if we are down that way again with the kids, we could arrange a meet up and enjoy some country life with you. It sounds divine.

  4. The town sounds amazing – I want to go!

    • reproducinggenius

      You should! If you ever come to San Francisco or elsewhere in the Bay Area, we’re just north (about 45 minutes north of SF–yet another benefit of this town). When we move, we’ll welcome any of our blog friends for a visit.

  5. Your town sounds perfect:)

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