okay, i’ll bite

Dear Readers,

My blog has been graced by the ever-so-insightful comments of one larry_oldenburg@att.net (yep, I totally went there). It seems that Mr. O, as I’ll call him from here, felt the need to post the following on my previous post regarding my son’s continued illness:

Poor kid growing up with no father. Who gonna teach to hooey?

Now, for those readers who know much of anything about me, you’ll know that I’ve got more than a few problems with this comment. But I think most troubling to me is that the poor sod couldn’t even manage to articulate a complete thought. And this makes me think,

Poor Mr. O growing up with whatever your family structure was/is/may be; who is going to teach you not to be a caveman?

My guess, based on a peak at this blog’s search terms for today (“reproducing” being the term in question, I do believe) is that the poor guy was just peaved that I hadn’t provided a picture book on my blog to show him how it’s done (and wouldn’t that be interesting, dear readers?). Poor, poor Mr. O.



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12 responses to “okay, i’ll bite

  1. Ooh…’who gonna teach to hooey’ indeed! Call me ignorant, but I’ve never heard of ‘hooey’ meaning anything but ‘nonsense’ (as wikipedia will attest- http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hooey) THEREFORE, I can only assume he is saying ‘Poor kid growing up with no father. Who then, will teach him nonsense?’ which may actually make sense!

  2. Schroedinger

    Strawberry, no one’s going to call YOU the ignorant one. Good lord, I couldn’t even patch togetehr a cohrent phrase, much less a thought, in that comment– if there was one other than “lesbian parenting scares me.”

    Eeek, Mr. O! You can run (and make ridiculous comments) but you can’t hide. We are EVERYWHERE.

  3. i love it- this man is in for a rude awakening when he realizes that lesbian families are everywhere. And we can raise boys with the best of them. Did you see the Oprah show yesterday with the ‘real modern family’ -great show!

  4. kat

    i think i’m actually going to adopt mr. o’s phrasing. like “hey baby, want to hooey tonight?”.
    good on you for posting this 🙂 stupid caveman.

  5. Cindyhoo2

    “who gonna teach him to hooey?” indeed! How could a child possibly grow up without the well-grounded, coherent and intectualizing influence of a father like mr o?? I have a feeling your baby genius will be just fine. 🙂

  6. Jen

    Seriously!? I don’t even know what to say…and that doesn’t happen often!

  7. finch and wren

    Mr. O probably believes that gay parents will raise gay children, since straight parents only raise straight children. The last time I checked it was 2010, not 1966….just saying.

  8. Lez

    Wow! Some people are so ignorant! But I do like Strawberry’s take on it – who’s going to teach him nonsense,indeed? LOL!

  9. jilldab

    Lucky boy growing up with two great moms who adore him.

  10. Perhaps we should add his email to many many gay marketing firms. So he gets spam. And learns how to hooey.

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