The sick continues, and it sucks.

I have long dreaded the first gastrointestinal bug because I knew it would be beyond gross–and sad. And I was right. Baby Genius, a boy who loves to eat everything, will hardly eat, and tonight, once he did, he threw it up. This was the first vomitting we’ve seen, but the diapers. Oh, gawd. Times like these make me question my dedication to cloth diapering, and I honestly considered buying a pack of disposables but changed my mind when I thought about the potential for blowouts.

The poor guy will have these great moments of his usual rascally behavior and then a moment later, he is draped over J’s shoulder or mine feeling awful. He just melts into us, and I feel so terrible that I can’t make him feel better. I’m giving him yogurt several times a day in hopes that the probiotics help stabilize his poor little system, and he’s nursing whenever he wants, but it seems that just waiting it out is all we can really do. His doctor said this could last between 5-7 days. We’re on day four. Oh please let this end soon.



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11 responses to “:-(

  1. jay

    sympathies and empathies! 😦
    get well soon!!

  2. Cindyhoo2

    Poor baby… And poor mommies!

  3. A.

    That sounds awful…I’m sorry. Get better soon, everyone!

  4. Awwww, I hope you all feel better quickly! 😦

  5. Totally sucks, but this, too, shall pass. Hang in there all of you.

  6. Five to seven days! Holy dyna that is a long time to be facing some pretty terrible diapers. I hear you on the wanting to switch to disposable, but scared of blowouts. What a dilemma. I truly hope he gets better soon.

  7. Schroedinger

    That sounds absolutely miserable. I am so sorry. Hope you all are feeling better soon!

  8. Jen

    Ugh, Im so sorry! That just sounds awful and believe me, I know the sadness of a sick kid! I hope he gets better by the weekend. Sick boys are no fun at all. 😦

  9. poor little guy–hope he feels better soon, for all of your sakes!

  10. finch and wren

    ugh! That is terrible! We hope the next few days go quickly for you guys!

  11. Larry

    Poor kid growing up with no father. Who gonna teach to hooey?

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