house of sick

We are the house of sick. Baby Genius has had a cold since a week following his birthday, and as he finally began clearing that out, he caught some sort of gastrointestinal evil that has had us engaged in far more frequent and hideous diaper changes than we would like. And now, to top it all off, my poor wife is sick too with something completely different that she brought home from her students. So far, I have stayed healthy. So far. I have a feeling I’ll catch it all within the next twenty-four hours, which is something I would really prefer to avoid.

Sadly, this weekend was to be my first trip out of town with BG all on our own. We were going to go visit my mom and grandmother and give J some time to do some uninterrupted grading. Alas, once the diaper madness began, the trip was off. It was a disappointing weekend all around.

But we do have something new and exciting happening. We have enrolled in Musi.c Tog.ether in the town where we wish to move. It has been fabulous to see this love of making music emerge in our boy and to see him interacting with other kids. He repeats rhythms and tries to sing along. Sometimes he’ll sing “la la la” sticking his tongue waayyyy out. Oh, it’s positively adorable.

I have all sorts of updates to share in his twelve month post, which I do plan to write this week. He’s changed so much in the last month and a half, and we’re so proud of this little boy of ours.



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5 responses to “house of sick

  1. A.

    Aw, BG. Illness feels so much worse when more than one person has it. I hope that you can reschedule your trip soon.

    The music class sounds great!

  2. I can NOT believe he’s one already! My goodness. He’s just adorable and it’s just heart wrenching thinking of him sick. I hope you all feel better very soon.

    And so glad you love MT! Wish we could be in the same class!


  3. K

    Yuck! Hope everyone is feeling better soon and you can avoid it altogether. Remember the days when a sick house meant 24-hour laziness? It’s so much harder being sick when you have a little person to take care of!

  4. nutella

    Go away yuckiness! Hope you avoid the ick and everyone else feels better soon. Love the image of BG trying to sing.

  5. Hope that your little one is feeling better, as well as your wife! Love to hear that Baby Genius likes music so much 🙂 he must be so cute singing! Thanks for sharing!

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