birthday boy

While my disappearance may lead one to believe otherwise, we did survive our son’s birthday party/open house. In fact, we did far better than survive it. It was fantastic. The day began quietly but sweetly. We had decorated the house with balloons galore the night before, and when we came out of the bedroom, he stared up at them in awe, smiling. He knew something cool was going on right away.  

 We had also placed some of his favorite animals around the living room in party hats holding some of his gifts. He loved this and we just let him open his little treasures as he found them. 




His Grandma and Grandpa came in time for his lunch and then our friend who made his beautiful dairy-free, gluten-free cake (so good–made with buckwheat and ground up almonds and macadamia nuts–and  a ton of blueberries–with a plum sauce for extra gooeyness). He loved it. He shoved it in his face, rubbed it in his hair, got plum sauce all over everything. It was fabulous, and the friend who baked it couldn’t have been happier with the compliment. (The best part about this cake was that it had minimal sugar, so there was no crazy sugar freak-out!) 

 And the whole day progressed very organically from there. More guests, including BG’s little friend Z and her moms, came a little later as he opened gifts.   


His cousin and aunt showed up with such lovely fanfare: his two year-old cousin opened our front door, ran straight to BG squealing “Happy Birthday!” and hugged and kissed him all over. He responded by tugging on her curls. 

We listened to reggae much of the day (a favorite of BG’s), and the kids frolicked and crawled all over each other. The girls kissed our son over and over, and he dealt with it incredibly well. It seemed he knew the day was his. He was so calm, so happy. It was really quite special. 

Everyone was gone by 3:30 or so, and we had a chance to relax as a family, play with the boy’s toys, and reflect. My wife popped open a bottle of champagne at 5:00–the time of his birth–and I wept remembering how it felt to hold him and touch him for the first time. I laughed and wept as our incredible little guy crawled around tugging on balloons and checking out his toys too excited to nap. We even gave him more birthday cake. 


We couldn’t have asked for a better day. For us, for our son, this could not have been a more perfect birthday, and I feel a little sad that I ever dreaded it in the least. I am looking forward to throwing our boy parties for years to come. 

It’s official: we have a one-year-old Baby Genius. I’m not sure how much longer I can call him Baby Genius, but there’s time to brainstorm while we soak all of this in.

Wow. He’s one. He’s fantastic.



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10 responses to “birthday boy

  1. A.

    It sounds like absolute perfection…and that cake? YUM!!

    You ladies did such a beautiful job honoring your son’s first year…I hope to walk in your footsteps in just two months!

  2. I can’t believe he’s one already! That year flew right by. I still remember reading the birth story with tears in my eyes and now as I read about his first birthday, I find myself misty-eyed once more. Happy Birthday BG!

  3. Sounds like the very best day! Happy 1st Birthday!!

  4. jay

    Ahhhhhh!! Happy birthday BG!

  5. Jen

    Fantastic he is! An open house sounds like a great idea and I may steal it! We have been talking about what to do because we have so much family in the area and this sounds perfect. Congratulations on your first year!

  6. nutella

    What a great day, he is clearly loved and he knows it. You can start calling him “Boy Genius”…..

  7. It sounds perfect! I’m so glad it a peaceful, fun day all around. Happy Birthday, BG!

  8. K

    Happy Birthday, BG! 🙂

  9. Joy

    Happy Birthday, Baby Genius! Will he become “Boy Genius”?

  10. poppycat

    Happy belated bday BG!

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