snowballs in september

In one week, Baby Genius will be one. For the longest time–months–J and I have said that we don’t want to do anything big on this day. We wanted our son to have fun. We wanted to minimize the usual over-stimulation that happens at first birthday parties. We wanted to minimize the hosting of people and energy spent on people other than our son. As with most best-laid plans, this has gone straight down the garbage chute.

Originally, we were going to  have a mellow day together, maybe go to the park, open some presents, have some cake. Then my mom said she and my step-dad might like to stop in since they’ll be in the area. That sounded fine. It would be nice to hang out with grandparents and for BG to get a little extra attention, so we encouraged them to come.

And then a very lovely friend of ours offered to make BG a dairy-free, gluten-free cake, and we thought, well, she and her husband should definitely come too. She came to visit us in the hospital and met him when he was just a day old. They are very dear to us, and they love our son–and she’s making his cake. So of course we want them here. Plus, they’re not the over-stimulating types, so they’re great additions.

And then J thought that it would be nice to have some friends here who have a child, since a birthday party for a one-year-old should have at least one other child in attendance. So we invited our really cool new friends with an 18-month-old (our only real-life lesbian mom friends to boot) to come by sometime that day.

And with that, we decided to make it a sort of open house. People will come by when they like between noon and 3:00, and we were hoping they would somehow stagger themselves and all would still be fairly mellow.

And then this weekend, we learned that my sister, whom we hadn’t told about it at all, was planning to come with BG’s two-year-old cousin.

And then tonight my dad called to say, “What’s going on for BG’s birthday?” and “Oh great! I’ll be there!” because I couldn’t lie.

And this is how our plans snowballed out of control, how we ended up throwing a birthday party that we never intended to throw. J and I sat on the sofa tonight, eyes wide, mouthes agape, wondering how the hell we were going to put this together, and we just decided that it will come together. We’ll throw out some veggies and fruit, some cheese and crackers. We’ll feed BG watermelon as long as he wants to eat it to keep him happy. And there will be cake too–some delicious, homemade, (even nutritious!) cake. Somehow, some way, we’ll keep him happy. But that over-stimulation we were trying to avoid? Um, yeah, right.

Please tell me that aided by sugar, he’s going to be all right.



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2 responses to “snowballs in september

  1. nutella

    I’m quite familiar with the snowball effect. We ended up doing things outside at a local park at a set time. We stayed only as long as Miles could handle, then we took him home for a nap. The sugar didn’t have a noticeable effect on him. We got some whining and complaints from the relatives but were unwavering about how the day would go.

    I don’t suppose your complex has a party room or an outdoor picnic area? That way you won’t feel like you have to entertain and have people in your space. And you can escape if your or BG need some alone time.

    No matter how it turns out, it’s one day and it’s worth celebrating. You’ll get through it!

  2. oh girls I was hoping that you would have the answer to the perfect one year old’s not overstimulating birthday party. I think they do just get snowballed and you gotta run with it. It is part fun and part crazy. BG can always leave and go have some nursing time and a nap.

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