birthdays and wishes

First things first: our beloved Poppy has delivered her beautiful twins! Welcome to the world sweet, sweet babies! Congratulations to the new moms!

It’s hard to believe that in just under two weeks, we’re going to have a one-year old. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve gone utterly speechless. I mean, I see this boy every day, but somehow I can’t grasp that a year has passed since his birth. It’s been such an amazing time getting to know him. Sometimes I wish it had gone a little more slowly. At the same time, I’m so excited each day to find out which part of him is going to emerge next. And honestly, since J and I have been able to be home with him the whole year, we can’t say we’ve missed anything. It’s the greatest thing in the world watching this kid grow. 

We’re not really throwing a party for the big day; instead, it will be more of a birthday open house, although it will be open to only a select few (my parents, and two different sets of friends).  The birthday boy will have a dairy-free, gluten-free cake because we’re still avoiding dairy and wheat with him. (We tried him on dairy a few times with not-so-great results, and we’re pretty sure wheat was the other culprit in his early digestive issues, so we’ll hold off on that for awhile too.) Our dear, dear friend, though, has taken it upon herself to make something delectable and totally one-year-old appropriate. We love her for this. There will be a balloon or two, because our boy loves balloons, and a few gifts, but not anything excessive because we just don’t do that. It’s going to be fun without the  over-stimulation that is so often rampant at first birthdays. That’s what we’re hoping for anyway.

My birthday is just four days before his, so we’ll be taking a day trip into San Francisco to explore the Academy of Sciences and more specifically the aquarium. I imagine this will be the first of many years where my birthday and BG’s birthday will be combined. I love that. Because J’s birthday is just two weeks before mine, it really is a full month of birthday celebrations. I can only imagine this will turn into a great, raucous time when he’s older. Hell, it’s fun now.

Our lives are still in a bit of upheaval. My wife will start teaching again on Wednesday. She’s got three classes and is being paid ridiculously little to teach them, but it’s work, and it will help sustain us as we continue to add more jobs to the mix. So long as neither of us can land full-time academic work (the holy grail in our field), we’re in this hamster wheel with our jobs, each year wondering whether or not we’ll have work and then at the last minute having classes dumped in our laps (or not, as in my case), and when they aren’t, scrambling to cobble together enough work from other sources to get by. It is not a glamorous life. It is not the life we want to live.

With this in mind, J has been working on getting into a graduate program in a new field. She got in, but now we’re waiting to find out if we can put the funds together for her to go. And it sucks because after all kinds of hope, it might not happen this year, and it breaks my heart that this is the case. If she isn’t able to go, she’ll put it off for a year, and we’ll both find extra jobs so that we can afford it next year, so that we can afford to get out of this tourist trap of a town, so that we can stop having summers like this one has been, so that we can breathe easier all around and hope like hell that our son doesn’t know what this life is like (although I suppose some would say this is the stuff of good memoirs, so maybe we’re setting him up to be the next David Sedaris).

So, in the wake of my wife’s 38th birthday, and as I rapidly approach my 35th, I am sending out a big, fat birthday wish:

Universe, please give us a break this year. We know we got our son last  year, and that has been the best wish-come-true two girls could imagine, so please don’t think we’re not grateful. It’s just that this year, we want a little something better for all three of us. If you could spare us anymore heartache and excessive stress and instead offer up just a sprinkling of luck or opportunity–or perhaps just a previously unknown large sum of money–that would be wonderful. Thanks.



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2 responses to “birthdays and wishes

  1. I can’t believe bg is almost a year – crazy in so many ways. It sounds like it will be a great celebration!

    I hope things are easier for you next year but, no matter what, I know that they everything will be all right. You’ve got so much love and BG will thrive even if he doesn’t have everything you wish he did. You’ll do what it takes because you are such great mamas to that boy.


  2. poppycat

    Happy birthday Family BG! As cliche as it sounds, I am hoping all your wishes come true this year. Universe, please send good jobs with insurance and unclaimed riches to these ladies this year.

    Thanks for the shout out 🙂

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