happy birthday, j!

Today is my beautiful wife’s birthday. It is such a different sort of birthday today. Over the past twelve years, I have grown used to spoiling her and making her the center of attention all day long. That is no longer possible with diapers to change and naps to administer, with nursing and soothing and chasing after Baby Genius. But we’re doing our best. We’re enjoying some simple pleasures, celebrating what the next year will be. This year was the first year with our son, the first year we focused almost exclusively on someone else. This next year, though, this is J’s year to shine. She will be teaching again, and she’s going into a new graduate program. She will be a full-time teacher, student, and mom. She will be a rockstar, a goddess, and forever the love of my life. I’m so proud of the woman she is, the mother she has become, the superhero she will be.

Happy birthday, my sweet, sweet J.



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6 responses to “happy birthday, j!

  1. kat

    happy birthday, j! hope you’re having a good one.

  2. Cindyhoo2

    Beautiful picture and happy birthday!!

  3. Jodi

    You really are quite wonderul, my Love. Now I’m going to get off the computer and pay attention to you IRL before the baby wakes up!

  4. gypsygrrl

    so very belated…
    T, i love hearing you talk about J 🙂 it makes my heart all squishy.

    love and hugs to you all!!!

    from a very absent gypsy

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