one little word

Yesterday was a bit of a challenging day. J and I were just dealing with the stress of our lives right now, and she was, perhaps, succumbing to a bit of PMS crabbiness. We both just needed to snap out of it, but we were in the midst of overanalyzing something and seemed to be mired in whatever it was.

We decided, however, that it was time to give the baby some lunch. I was holding him as we headed over to his high chair. Because it now requires two of us to get him into his chair, J came over too. Upon seeing her, Baby Genius looked at her, stretched out his arms toward her, and exclaimed, “Mama!”

Our boy embraced his mama, and she hugged him tight as J and I stood there, proud, proud tears streaming down our faces. BG has said “mama” before, but this was always a general term that he liked saying over and over. It never seemed to have much meaning–until yesterday. Yesterday, it had more meaning than he can possibly know, and we are lucky, lucky moms.



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9 responses to “one little word

  1. giggleblue

    that’s sweet! it’s amazing how they can bring us back to what’s important so quickly.

  2. That is so sweet. Nothing like that to wash the crabbiness away.

  3. I bet that is just the most amazing feeling!! What a special day for you 2! Go BG and keep on chatting!! 🙂

  4. gus&otto

    What an incredible moment. I love moments where kids can make your heart burst.

  5. nutella

    Sniff sniff. So sweet.

  6. Jen

    Wonderful!! He knew exactly what you guys needed…

  7. jilldab

    Awesome! And just when you all needed it it sounds like.

  8. awwhhhh….the BEST feeling in the ENTIRE world. xo

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