tales from advanced breastfeeding

Baby Genius is still breastfeeding regularly throughout the day, and he really tanks up as we’re waking up in the morning. Typically, this is much earlier than I would prefer, so he nurses while I try to get a few more minutes of sleep and at least stretch our rising time to 7am.

Yesterday morning, BG awoke at his usual 6:45 or so, and he was nursing ,nursing, nursing on my left side. Apparently it had emptied out, and I thought he was finished. He sat up facing me and looked at me sort of inquisitively. He then cocked his head, lifted my shirt on my right side, bent forward (still seated), and proceeded to nurse again. He sat there for ten minutes, bent over, nursing from above, happy as can be. He had the whole situation under control.

I am learning that I have a very resourceful son.


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3 responses to “tales from advanced breastfeeding

  1. Jen

    Great story! Our boys like food and it sounds like BG will figure out how to get a meal no matter what!

  2. That is hilarious!! I can just picture it.

  3. Oh my goodness, that is too cute!

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