on blog guilt and lederhosen

It’s not as though I’m always away from the computer these days. In fact, I’m on it sometimes six hours a day for work, and yet I don’t seem to find the drive to post here. Some days I don’t go to my blog at all, whereas I used to visit it multiple times a day. I miss it. I miss this community, and I miss the act of getting my thoughts down, of coming up with something compelling to write about, seeing what all of my readers have to say. And because I miss it, I don’t know why I’m not doing it. I guess I’ve lost the habit. And I’m doing what I never thought I’d find myself doing: spending whole blog posts talking about why I’m not blogging. I don’t want to have to do that anymore.  I don’t know that I’m saying anything more than that I want to do this more. I’m going to do this more. I’ve written it down. I’m holding myself accountable. Because, damnit, this means something to me.

Now, onto something more interesting. I might have mentioned that we visited Humboldt about a month ago. When we did, we visited with an old mentor of ours. She taught the class that introduced my wife and I. When we had our commitment ceremony, she took credit for getting us together. When we were married during the brief period when marriage was legal in California, we wrote to her announcing her marriage. She wrote back telling us that she and her “housemate” had gotten married too–after a 35-year relationship. We had never known she was gay. Everyone always suspected it, but even her closest friends weren’t sure. Suddenly, this woman was coming out to everyone, even her students, because she was so happy to be married. She’s in her mid-sixties.

So we had a lovely visit with our mentor. She met BG for the first time, and he took to her like a grandmother. She adored him; in fact, she hardly said hello to me or J when she arrived. She just looked past me wanting to know where the baby was. It was so sweet. This woman has no children of her own, but she has had countless godchildren through the years, and it shows. She loves them. It was a treat for her to meet our son, for us to have her meet our son.

A week ago, we received a package in the mail from this mentor. As I opened it on one end, I saw what appeared to be an old belt. And then what looked like some leather gardening gloves, and I thought, What the hell? And then I continued to open it, and I realized that she had sent us some very old lederhosen.

In the package was a card that read,

Hi J & T–

Nice to see you and the little one. I’m sending these lederhosen–been in the family for years, but no little boys in our future, so thought I’d pass them along to you. He’ll grow into them sooner than you think.



I think J and I both giggled a little at first when we saw the lederhosen, and then when we read the note, we were so positively touched that these lederhosen–clearly a family heirloom–were being passed to us. What a sweet, sweet gesture from this woman who really does see us as family. While I don’t know that BG will ever sport those lederhosen, they will certainly be treasured.

And before you go, here’s a cute bonus photo of BG because I know some of you are just here for the pictures. He positively loves swinging now:



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11 responses to “on blog guilt and lederhosen

  1. What an enormously sweet gesture and I shared your mentors story with Joey (it was so sweet I had to). And yes, photos of your boy are always appreciated!!

  2. lisa

    beautiful, precious baby. I must say I am glad I have met someone else here who complains about not writing. I am on the computer all day and love to write but lately have not been inspired and the more I read other posts, the more I feel that I am not talented in writing and therefore I havent. Now I just read everyone else’s post and smile. good luck, keep writing, and enjoy that precious child.

  3. Jen

    I agree and cindyhoo took my exact thoughts, what a sweet gesture! Your BG is so very cute and I wish we lived closer so he and chunk could swing together… what a picture that would be!

  4. A.

    LEDERHOSEN!! AWESOME!! What a thoughtful gift. Can’t wait to see him in a picture with them on.

    BG looks so incredibly happy. Great picture.

  5. So glad you had a lovely visit. And those lederhosen are adorable! Oh please please please try to get BG in them for a picture 😉 He’s adorable as always.

  6. clemency

    Those lederhosen are the BOMB. You will be able to take him to Singalonga Sound of Music before he grows out of them! You just need a matching dirndl.

  7. That is just so sweet. I agree with Strawberry – I want to see BG in them one day!

    I hope you’ll blog more. I know it can be hard when you get out of the habit. I say – no apologies! No matter what you put up or when you get it up – once a week, once a month – we’ll be happy to read it!

  8. poppycat

    Ok, I know it sounds crazy but I absotulely love the lederhosen. They are damn cute and you’ll have to come up with reasons for him to sport them like Halloween or Octoberfest. What about a screening of The Sound of Music in the park or something? Cute!

    Your mentor sounds like an amazing and special person. It’s so touching that she would pass such an important family treasure to you and she must know that you will treasure it and keep it well. How wonderful that you all have each other in your lives.

  9. poppycat

    PS – I’ve missed your posts!

  10. He’d better sport those lederhosen, or you’ll have more than blog guilt to contend with. Lederhosen guilt is far worse. We’ll be awaiting pictures. Preferably with an alp in the background. Hop to it!

    • reproducinggenius

      I think we have a couple of years before they’ll fit, so I guess we’ve got some time to plan that trip. I would hate to endure lederhosen guilt!

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