big, big times

It has been a ridiculously non-bloggy month for me. I don’t know what the deal is, but I just keep putting writing on the back burner, and as I do, so much is slipping by.

We recently took a trip to Humboldt to introduce everyone from our old lives to Baby Genius and to introduce Baby Genius to one of our favorite places on earth. It was a leisurely trip–five days long–and we were able to housesit for a friend, which made it all the better. We were able to maintain some routine and normalcy for BG, and we had a place where we could host others after his bedtime. The trip was filled with all sorts of firsts, including a first visit to the beach and a first time being in the redwoods (and touching one–he didn’t want to stop!). Sadly, we forgot our cameras. I don’t know how, but we did. Ugh.

When we got back, BG had brought a cold with him, and then we all proceeded to get sick. We’re still coping with that, and on top of it all, our good nasal aspirator–the good green one from the hospital–busted open today. The little ones at the drug store are a joke, so poor BG is having to endure lots of nose wiping. Oh, it’s sad.

On top of that, the boy popped out is second tooth! We didn’t report the first yet, but it came in around Mother’s Day, and the second one showed itself this week. The poor guy is, therefore, not just dealing with a stuffy, runny, icky nose, but he’s got rivers of drool as well. He’s messy.

The great thing about him is that the cold and the tooth-growing don’t seem to be slowing him down a bit. In fact, I think he’s sped up. This week, he has finally started doing a bit of army-ish crawling. I say “ish” because it’s sort of a scoot on the belly, and he often pins one arm so that he’s doing it one-handed. Today, though, he put it together a bit more and managed to work up some real speed using both arms and both legs. It was fantastic.

We’ve also been wondering when he’d learn to use his pincer grasp. Yesterday, that seemed to be his focus, so we put his O’s on his high chair for each meal, and with each mealtime he improved. By today, he was an old pro, picking up even the small pieces and making it to his mouth with no effort. The use of the sippy cup seemed to make sense to him today too, and suddenly h stopped chewing on the thing and actually drank from it repeatedly.

It seemed like every moment that went by today revealed something new. He pulled himself up to standing from a seated position. He found new sounds and used them to express himself. He pointed at something he wanted rather than just vaguely reaching. My wife and I stared at him in awe all day. He took a morning nap and from then on just seemed like a different baby.

In just three days, Baby Genius will be nine months old, and it’s suddenly really showing. He’s an older baby now–a baby who can do things. I guess I just never thought he’d pack so much doing, so many firsts into one day. It’s mind-blowing and beautiful and makes me love this life so much more.

Wow. Just wow.



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8 responses to “big, big times

  1. A.

    Big times indeed! He’s growing so fast. It must be a blast seeing him do all of those new things. Can’t wait to see new pictures soon.

  2. Such exciting times! I don’t know what the deal with snot-suckers is, but it seems 90% of what you can find in stores suck.

  3. nutella

    Wow, he’s doing so much! As for the store bought snot suckers, we found the “Little Remedies” brand to be the best alternative. I think we’ve tred 4 different brands. The one we like came as a set with some saline mist. The “Stuffy Nose Kit”

    Feel better soon BG!

  4. poppycat

    Wow is right! I can imagine the awe you must feel as you watch him bloom and grow before your eyes.

    The trip sounds perfect, just what I hope to be doing next year.

    Hope you all feel better soon.

  5. Wow, so many exciting changes in just one day! He is on the fast track of milestones, for sure.
    Your trip sounds like a blast–so glad you had a good time!

  6. It is amazing watching them grow.

  7. Cousin

    My fabulous pediatrician recommended the Nosefrida The Snotsucker.
    She said it’s amazing.. . check it out:

  8. Awh…I loved this post. It is so much fun when they start DOING so much!!! It never stops…….

    Sucks about forgetting the camera…I know that must have been frustrating. Pull it out now lady…I need to see some new photos of this adorable little man!!!!!!!


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