eight months

Dear Baby Genius,

You have been eight months old for a little while now, so it’s time I write to you before I get your eighth and ninth months confused!

You are turning into such a wonderful little boy full of humor and love and the brightest light I have ever seen. This month, you really started finding your volume, and you decided to share it with everyone. Your loud yells of “Ahhhhhhhh!” were enough to drive us out of a restaurant, but mostly because we wanted you to be able to keep it up without bothering those who aren’t as excited about baby shouting as your moms are. 

You also showed off your ability to reach high decibels in a mom and baby yoga class I took you to. You charmed the instructor with your big blue eyes and dimpled grin, so she carried you around while I did some yoga. You then decided you needed to nurse, so you did while I tried a modified bow pose. Then you and the other baby there both fell asleep. You were so precious that the instructor had to take photos.

You seem to be sleeping better during the first part of the night. You sleep by yourself from about 7:00 untill 11:00 if we’re lucky. Usually by two or three you’re back in the big bed though. You really like to cuddle with me while you sleep, but you also seem to enjoy smacking me and grabbing parts of my face when you are waking. The cuddling I love; the smacking and grabbing I could do without.

In fact, you’ve become a bit of a brute all around! You pinch my arms while you’re nursing, and when I pick you up, you grab my throat, pull my hair, and even try to stick your fingers in my eyes! I don’t know if you’re being put through some sort of baby ninja training or what, but it would be cool if you wouldn’t try your moves out on your moms. Maybe the kitties would be better targets.

Did I mention last month that you now have a healthy digestive system? Well, you do. You poop like a normal baby now, and your mama and I are utterly relieved. We even have to give you prunes from time to time for constipation. I know this is embarrassing to read about, but after months of dealing with your very scary poops, Mama and I are very excited to know our boy is healthy and normal–and I’m happy that I don’t have to keep giving up more food!

Seriously, Mommy--TMI

Speaking of food, you sure do love to eat! You still nurse like a champ, but you also LOVE your mealtimes at the table. I make you all kinds of interesting combinations of foods, but your favorites on their own seem to be carrots, apples, and peas. Imagine your delight when I created Carrple Sauce for you! The combination of the carrots and apples puts the greatest smile on your face, and you reach for more as soon as you take a bite. We’re having such fun with foods, and while you’ll have to forgo any wheat or dairy for a long time still (we’re not taking any chances considering your early allergies), there are still plenty of foods to check out. You’re currently really enjoying gnawing on rice cakes. They seem to make good teething biscuits for you.

And oh the teething. This first tooth of yours is certainly taking its own sweet time! You’ve got a good-sized bump where it’s going to be, and every day we look for it, but still no. It will come soon, son. I’m going to miss the toothlessness when it does. Your gummy smiles are just so cute!

We went on a bit of an adventure this month to visit your aunts, uncle, cousin, and grandparents. We stayed at Uncle S and Aunt D’s house, where you met their tiny little dog for the first time. I don’t think you’ve ever laughed harder than when that dog ran up to you and licked your feet. You found his mere existence to be the most hilarious and wonderful thing you’ve seen. Later, when we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, you got to see your cousin for the first time in a long time. She calls you “Baby!” and she adores you. The two of you had a great time playing on the floor together, and you gave us all a taste of how great the coming years will be. You even hugged her, which resulted in a bunch of adults turning to goo.

You’re spending a lot more time playing on the floor with your toys now, and this is fun to watch. You often topple over after a little while, and you’ll roll around a bit. You still aren’t crawling, but when you’re on your tummy, you do push off with your feet and wave your butt in the air. You also cry in frustration. Don’t worry, though. It won’t be too much longer. Just keep trying.

Perhaps the saddest and hardest part of this month has been the development of some pretty serious separation anxiety. You don’t like for me to be out of sight even for a few seconds, and when I am, you cry and cry. I always come back though. Just remember that, and maybe it will get easier.

Baby boy, you’re starting to seem like less of a baby as these weeks go by, and while we miss that, we also really love the little boy you are becoming. You’re so funny, loving, and sweet. You’re curious and smart. You’re everything Mama and I ever wanted in a child, and we still sometimes can’t believe that you’re ours. But you are. You’re our beautiful Baby Genius. Happy Eighth Month, sweetheart!





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8 responses to “eight months

  1. Another sweet letter. Happy 8 months! I love that ‘TMI’ pic 😉

  2. A.

    He is absolutely beautiful. Those EYES!

    Happy 8 months to you all!

  3. Such a wonderful letter! I love the missing foot in the first photo along with the big smile. He is looking like just a bundle of fun. Enjoy.

  4. Cindyhoo2

    Such a sweet post. I too love that TMI pic, but I must admit that he is quite previous in all the photos. He is getting so big now.

  5. Jen

    I love your letters! Big boy indeed. Great gymboree shirt 🙂 chunk has the same one and the turtle overalls!!!

  6. poppycat

    Wonderful – BG and the letter

  7. Yay! Happy 8 months, little man!

  8. He is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen:) You two are so blessed. Thank you for sharing your lives here.

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