update potpourri

It feels like I’ve been so busy lately. After I finished my two weeks of exam scoring, I still had to work at my other job, and then J started her scoring stint, meaning I then had the baby by myself all day. We rely on each other so much that when one of us is unavailable, life with a baby becomes, well, life with a baby. In a word, it’s challenging. Today we have our first day off together, though, and it has been lovely thus far to be able to work together to keep BG happy and to get out of the house–at the same time.

There are a number of things I need to write about in more detail, so I’m making a list of updates in hopes of expanding on some of these items later:

  • BG turned eight months old last week. He’s 3/4 of the way through his first year. Impossible. I owe him a letter, which I plan to write this week. There are some very cute accompanying photos.
  • We have a tooth! BG’s first tooth has finally arrived. It is sharp, and he’s very protective of it. So far we have felt it but can’t get a decent look at it. He has bitten my breast with it once as well. Ow.
  • He is saying “Mama.” It’s different from his mamamamama of before. It’s directed at J or me. I don’t know if he knows what he’s saying, but we like it.
  • The diapering system that we thought we had figured out is starting to fail due to shoddy products. DO NOT PURCHASE HAUTE POCKETS. They are crap. Much more on this later.
  • Speaking of diaper business, BG now gets constipated. Considering this boy had at least five bowel movements a day for his first seven months, this is surprising and actually a good thing. Plus, it’s endlessly entertaing, albeit a bit sad, to watch him turn five shades of red whilst grunting loudly. Poor boy.
  • We had to get BG a new bathtub, and he’s terrified of it. For a couple of days he couldn’t look at or touch it without freaking out.  He has always loved his baths, so this makes us sad. We’re trying having him play with it when it isn’t bathtime. So far, that hasn’t changed anything except that he does like it when it has no water in it. Anyone experience something similar? Any tips?
  • We want to move. We have wanted to since we got here and realized we chose the wrong town. We’re starting to look more seriously and at least know the area where we want to be (just 30 miles or so west of where we are now), but we have to wait until everything aligns just right. I’m just so tired of apartment living. I need some soil to dig in. We need walls of our own. Our cats need to feel comfortable going outside. BG needs some outdoor space. We all do.
  • My wife is probably going back to school for a second graduate degree in the fall. I’m so excited for her, and it’s a phenomenal program that allows for some online work and then three days a month on-site (many miles away). It will be hard those days when she is gone, but after two years, she will have a much more lucrative and personally fulfilling degree. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes as planned.
  • She’s also diving back into a job search. Please keep us in your thoughts; it is rough out there. You would think someone with an MA would be eminently hireable, but it turns out an MA in English simply makes one eminently over-educated.
  • We had the extended family brunch here on Mother’s Day. The nearly two-year-old niece and BG played together and were oh so cute. At one point, the niece was cleaning up the toys, and BG was grabbing for one. “No help, Baby!” she said to him. A moment later, she had to scold him again when he tried to pick up one of the last toys needing to be put away: “NO, Baby!” And she took the toy from him and put it away. He responded by reaching for and pulling on her irresistable curly hair. Later, as I sat on the floor nursing him, she laid next to me watching him as she made fish faces, attempting to mimic his sucking. This new generation in our family is so much fun.

And those are the updates for now. I’ve got much more to say on a few of these topics, so I’m hoping I can get to them soon.



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2 responses to “update potpourri

  1. you’ve been busy! i’m sorry about your experience with the haute pockets. do keep us updated. i’ve heard of some other brands that work well and are really affordable for pocket diapers. let me know if you are interested!

  2. A.

    You guys never have a “quiet” time, do you?!? Such a busy and loving family.

    Hearing him say “mama” must be the BEST. I know you’ve been wanting to move for a while, and I hope that you’re able to find the perfect place for you and the family.

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