We are and have been experiencing what we are affectionately referring to as the trifecta.

1. I have had the worst PMS. I have been irrational and cranky and very irritable. I have also been absolutely fried from working two 55-hour weeks with this scoring gig.

2. My wife has had the worst PMS. She has been caring for our son with only brief breaks for him to nurse during this two-week period. For good reason, she has been cranky and irritable and tired.

3. Baby Genius is still teething. This tooth just won’t come in, and it’s making him cranky, irritable, and very, very clingy.

These three factors combined have made for a somewhat hellish Reproducing Genius household. J and I have been bickering and arguing and sniping at each other. Baby Genius has been clawing at me, pinching me, biting me. We have been a bit of a mess.

We all need a break from each other. We all need a break from ourselves. 

This week, I have found myself fantasizing about going to a bar and ordering a nice single-malt–and then another and another and another–all while smoking some cigarettes and just slowly getting nice and drunk.

I won’t do this, but it’s a delicious little fantasy.



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4 responses to “trifecta

  1. Infants tylenol and a babysitter?

    Ouch! Sounds like a rough time. Sorry it’s been so hard, things can only go up from here, right?!?!

  2. poppycat

    I won’t blame you if you do!

    Few things in this world are more trying than partners cycling together, well, except for partners cycling together AND a teething baby.

    Hang in there.

  3. That is a nice fantasy. I do wonder if you could each give the other one a “night off” so you can live out some version of it..?

  4. giggleblue

    i agree, a night off is always nice. even if it’s just one drink…

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