laundry basket fun

I’m still here. Still scoring essays. Still failing at posting even every other day–even every three or four or five days. Ugh.

I’m so neglectful, I even missed my own blog’s anniversary. I’m sure a reflective post is to come. I owe it to the blog.

In the meantime, enjoy some cute.

While working yesterday, I watched my wife drive Baby Genius around the house as they picked up his friends along the way. They both had great fun as you can see from the smile still plastered across BG’s face:

Scoring ends Sunday. After that, I should have the will to sit at the computer to type rather than sitting here drooling as I am now. I’m utterly fried.



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5 responses to “laundry basket fun

  1. A.

    That is the greatest picture! I’m going to try that at home.

  2. Looks like he’s having a blast!

  3. gypsygrrl

    he is almost too cute!!!

  4. oh my gosh…the boy is HANDSOME!!
    And…uglydolls? Good taste lady!

  5. UGLYDOLLS!!!!! K’s 1st birthday was UglyDolls. I kind of have a secret little addiction to them…

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