where else would i celebrate poop?

Because fecal discourse has taken up residence on this blog since Baby Genius’ early months, I feel that I should provide an update on the happenings in my son’s diapers. I hope it’s one of the last of this sort.

Yesterday, for the first time since Baby Genius was born, he pooped just once. One time. It was shocking.

One of the symptoms of BG’s allergies have been these really frequent bowel movements, and he’s had them usually 5-8 times a day. When all of the books told us he would start having fewer, that he might even develop constipation, J and I looked at each other confused because the frequency never changed for our son. And constipation? That seemed like it would be a godsend. It turns out that for BG, constipation means going a mere 3-4 times in a day.

It seems, though, that our boy’s digestive system is finally maturing. I attribute this in part to normal development and in part to those expensive enzymes I’ve been taking. I was able to get about seven weeks worth of the pancreatic enzymes covered on my postpartum insurance (which I didn’t know I had this long) before the insurance gave me the boot. Because the doctor prescribed 300 pills a month, and I was to take two at each meal, this has been an ample supply so far. In an effort to conserve the pills, I only take them when I am eating foods that are potentially allergenic (i.e. dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, fish, nuts). When I’m eating “clean,” I don’t take them at all. This seems to work very well, especially because I have eliminated most dairy again. I did this because the enzymes weren’t helping at all with things like cow’s milk cheese. On the other hand, yogurt and kefir seem to be okay, even without the enzymes thanks to the wonders of probiotics.

Since the implementation of this new system, Baby Genius has had no flare-ups. None. It’s remarkable. In fact, there have been a few days when I failed to take the enzymes much at all, and we saw no flare-ups then either. What I’m saying is that I think–and I may be wrong–that we may be coming to the end of this chapter. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be writing that, but this has been a long and frustrating road.

And now, as a reward for hanging in there through the poop talk, I present to you a couple of doses of cute:



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4 responses to “where else would i celebrate poop?

  1. Such and angelic face! I am so glad to hear that the poop issues seem to be resolving. I can only imagine the “joy” of changing at least 7 yucky poopy diapers a day. I must admit that as I scrolled down, I saw the top of a picture and thought– please no poop pics. 🙂 BTW: thanks for the cloth diapering suggestions. Very helpful indeed and good thinking on the gpants!

    • reproducinggenius

      Ha! I’m impressed you were brave enough to keep scrolling! 🙂

      And you’re very welcome. Can’t wait to hear what you decide to use!

  2. poppycat

    Happy boy! What a sweet face.

    One poop??? Fantastic news!!! I hope this is the end of the problematic poop

  3. A.

    Beautiful pictures. I’m so glad that things are working out with is digestion….but I’m sure you’re happiest of all!

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