new traditions

Okay, so blogging every day hasn’t happened, but maybe blogging every other day is a more reasonable goal, and then if I happen to blog daily it will be a nice surprise. I just can’t be too hard on myself about it.

Today we’re going on a little family adventure. We’re off to visit my brother and his wife who are going to have a baby boy in August, and then we’ll go to my parents’ house for what we’re hoping will be a new family tradition of monthly brunches. It was my wife’s idea–an effort to keep us close as we all add babies to the mix. I like the idea, and I especially enjoy thinking about this a few years down the road when the kids are able to look forward to seeing their cousins and playing together. J never had many extended family functions when she was a kid, and although my family did, I was in this awkward age bracket with no cousins even near my age. Baby Genius already has a cousin who’s about a year and a half older than he is, and soon he’ll have one just a year younger. My siblings and I seem to have spaced the kids perfectly.

There could be some little hitches here. My mom tends to get stressed out about cleaning for guests, and she’ll take on too many tasks, almost ensuring that she’ll be more stressed out. Then when the event comes around, we don’t see her because she’s so inundated with these tasks she has given herself. If we try to help her (and we always do) she just adds more tasks to her list, because if you’ve got two sets of hands, certainly you can do the work of twenty people, right? Oh, it’s exhausting, and we’re all working on her about it because we’d far rather see her than have ten different salads. We don’t want the kids’ memories of grandma to be this flurry of cleaning and prepwork and stress. So far, she promises to be good, and we’ve done what we can to take most of the pressure off by turning it into potluck brunch. It just makes more sense anyway. The other measure we’re taking is to rotate who hosts the brunch. If we can do this, the pressure won’t be so much on anyone.

But really, we’re all just looking forward to the opportunity to see each other regularly, to see each other’s kids grow up and for the kids to know what it’s like to have family traditions, and what a cool tradition this will be for all of us–if we adults don’t screw it up. All cynicism aside, I’m really looking forward to it.



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2 responses to “new traditions

  1. Joy

    That sounds like a great new tradition! I hope everything goes smoothly with as little stress as possible.

  2. poppycat

    Sounds lovely and makes me wish I had family close by. BG is a very lucky boy!

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