seven months

Dear Baby Genius,

Somehow we woke up this morning and you’re seven months old. Seven months! You’re closer to a year than your birth. You’re suddenly one of those older babies, and to put it quite simply, you’re awesome.

This month has sped by. You had your six month appointment where we learned that your weight is settling closer to the normal range. You’re now in the 70th percentile for weight and around the same for your height. This certainly shows in your body. You’re still wonderfully chubby, but you’re getting a bit leaner and certainly longer!

This increased size is making you a little more difficult to handle. When you nurse now, you like to arch your back, kick, twist, and squirm, making this once-peaceful ritual a very active one. In fact, most activities involving you are very active these days. A simple diaper change is an acrobatic exhibition–both for you and the mom changing you. But we love this new active you–you’re really fun!

This month has brought much more floor play. You are now officially a competent sitter. You love sitting up and playing with blocks and other toys, and while you still topple from time to time, you generally are able to sit for a good, long time.

We often surround you in your giant animals creating a cushy border so that you can play for as long as you like. Sometimes we catch you lounging on one of the animals or hugging one of them to you.

 In addition to enjoying floor sitting, you also like your rocking chair. We took the chair off of your swing early this month, and we sat it next to your toy basket. This proved to be a great decision, for right away, you were able to carefully select the toys you wanted to play with, discarding the others on the floor around you. It has been fascinating seeing your preferences develop and seeing you display them so clearly.

Your stuffed animals are not the only animals you enjoy. You have suddenly discovered and fallen madly in love with our cats. As soon as one of them crosses your field of vision, an enormous smile lights up your face. You want so badly to touch them, to grab handfuls of their fur, to put them in your mouth. They, sadly, are not nearly as in love with you–yet. You’ll win them over. We’ll just have to work on being a little more gentle. So far, Pierre is proving to be the most tolerant of your hair/ear/tail-pulling, and for the past couple of days has hung out with you and Mama on the floor. You have reacted by squealing with delight.

You are certainly developing a sense of humor, baby boy. Last week, we were all lounging around in bed, and you picked up my hand and smacked it down on the bed. You liked the sound of it, so you did it over and over again, smiling. You then did this to Mama’s hand. You have discovered that you can blow raspberries on us like we blow them on you, and you often do this when we are in public wearing you in the Ergo. Some moms might find this embarrassing, but we find it quite funny. You are also in the habit of “getting” us. When I’m changing you, I might tickle you from time to time, but then you will grab my elbow and start biting it, a devilish little smile  on your face.

You really like to mimic sounds now, and you like to trade sounds with us. Sometimes Mama will sit and make sounds at you, and you will respond with a different noise. The other morning, you and I were awake, and Mama had fallen back to sleep. She was snoring a little, and you noticed this, so you started blowing raspberries in response. I found this  more than a little hilarious.

Communication is something you are mastering in many ways. You lift your hands high when you want us to pick you up. 

You smack your high chair when you want something tasty to eat, and sometimes you even say “Ah! Ah! Ah!” Perhaps more amusing is that when you want me to wake up in the morning, you slap my face lightly. One morning, Mama was trying to get you to let me sleep, but you insisted on waking me with the tap, tap, tap of your little hands.

You are really working on your mobility these days, and you get pretty frustrated when an item is a bit out of reach. You have done a little scooting, pushing, and grunting, but you’re not quite ready to crawl yet. You’ll get there before we know it, I’m sure. For now, you’re pretty content to roll around, and when you’re not content, you let us know, and we help you move. Still, we have to let you get frustrated from time to time because that frustration does tend to lead to you figuring things out. It’s adorable to see you working so hard at these movements. Just keep trying, son. Always  keep trying. You’ll get it.

One of the things that comes easiest to you is eating. You love to eat new foods, and you know when you sit in your high chair that something good is in store. This month, you’ve eaten several new fruits and veggies. You enjoy rice cereal mixed with fruit now, and you still love your butternut squash. You lean toward your food with such enthusiasm, and we look forward to introducing you to all kinds of new foods as they come into season.

This month, we went on our first family vacation. We went to visit some good friends in Monterey. You stayed in your first hotel, and you had your first trip to an aquarium. You loved seeing the seahorses and the big schools of fish, but it didn’t take long before you fell asleep in your Ergo, and you slept until we were almost ready to leave. By then, you were ready to eat, so we nursed right there on a bench overlooking the surf.

You practiced your new trick of exposing me to the world by lifting up my shirt any time I wasn’t looking. I have to admit, it’s pretty funny. In addition to visiting with our friends, you got to meet Mama’s aunt and uncle. They adored you, and you loved them. On our way home, we stopped to see your uncle S at his fire station, and you loved looking at the shiny fire engines and trying to put his badge in your mouth. You don’t know this, but uncle S is going to have a baby boy in just a few months, and we’re all very excited about that.

Perhaps the most troubling thing this month is that you’re teething something fierce, and we can feel a bump where a tooth wants to come in on the bottom. Sometimes you break into the saddest cries, but usually gnawing on a washcloth or an apple helps, as do some pain killers and some nursing. We want for your tooth to come through, but I have to say I have enjoyed this gummy smile of yours and there’s a part of me that doesn’t quite feel ready for it to change. I’m looking forward to seeing what my boy looks like with teeth though, even if you won’t look so much like a baby anymore.

Baby Genius, you’re such a wonderful, happy baby, and we love each day with you. You fill each of our lives with such light and so much laughter, and it just seems to get better as the months go by. Sure, we’re nostalgic for the time that passes, not to mention a little surprised, but more than that, we are cherishing these moments we get to have with you seeing you grow into such a fantastic little boy. What a blessed couple of moms we are!

Happy seven months, sweet boy!

All my love,




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2 responses to “seven months

  1. A.

    He’s just….GORGEOUS.

    I love these updates. What wonderful records of his growth, and the memorable times you’re having together.

  2. Jodi

    This may be my favorite letter yet. We are all blessed that you are keeping such a wonderful record of these precious, speedy months. I love you both so much!

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