chomp chomp

Baby Genius is working hard on his first tooth. For the most part, this just means chewing on things with a little extra fervor. (Just last week, we went for a walk with a friend of ours who allowed him to chew on her finger for a good half mile.)  He’s such a laid-back baby that even teething pain doesn’t get him down most of the time, but he has had some really sad bouts of crying in the last couple of days, and as he cries he says, “Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma! Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma!” It’s the saddest little sound, and both J and I feel terrible for the guy. So far, Tylenol and Hyland’s Teething Tablets work pretty well to soothe him and ease the pain, as do cold washcloths and cold pacifiers. The funny thing about this last item is that the boy would never take a pacifier until now. Now he loves to chew on them, and it amuses us to no end that he chews on most parts of the pacifier except for the nipple. We’re hoping like mad that the tooth comes through soon. Poor boy.

On the subject of placing things in Baby Genius’ mouth, he’s been doing quite a bit of eating lately. We started him a month ago on bananas and applesauce, but now his repertoire has expanded to butternut squash, carrots, pears, yams, avocado, and now rice cereal. We wanted to avoid giving him rice cereal, hoping we could continue giving him foods that were homemade (steamed or roasted and spun through the food processor) and fresh. Unfortunately, his iron levels are bordering on low, and his doctor wants us to deal with this by adding iron-fortified rice cereal to his diet. Adding this has been admittedly rather fun. He enjoys it with some of his favorite fruits mixed in, and we’re finding it to be a good thickening agent for particularly ripe fruits like pears.

It has been pure joy seeing Baby Genius explore foods with their different textures and flavors. I admittedly feel a little pride each time he enjoys a food I have prepared for him, even if that simply means I have roasted and pureed a squash. As someone for whom cooking is a passion, seeing my baby boy’s palate develop is wonderfully exciting. I know we potentially have picky toddler years ahead of us, and that is a challenge I welcome as well, but for now, seeing him enjoy each new food is an absolute blast.



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3 responses to “chomp chomp

  1. What a fun post. Num Num Num. I am looking forward to reading daily posts for the month.

  2. poppycat

    Poor BG. It must be mIserable for him. My mom swears by really cold carrot sticks for teething babies.

    My friend has a food blog and recently did a baby food post with recipes if you are interested. It’s called Knead the dough and listed in the “just good stuff section of my blog roll. They feed their boy all kind of great stuff. How fun to try all those new flavors and textures with BG!

    • reproducinggenius

      We haven’t tried the carrot stick yet, but we’ll be doing that tomorrow if this thing hasn’t broken through!

      Thanks for the food blog tip! I look forward to checking it out. We’re really excited to experiment with feeding BG all kinds of fun foods. I’m off to check it out!

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