six months


Dear Baby Genius,

You are six months old now! Your mama and I are surprised every day that we have a six-month-old boy, but we do, and your milestones this month certainly help to prove that you’re quickly leaving your infancy and moving into active baby mode. It’s fantastic.

At the beginning of this month, you were really working on your rolling, and you had managed to roll a few times. Now, you roll whenever you can. You use a slow rolling technique to get to new places. It takes you some time because you have to stop and check out your surroundings with each roll, but you tend to surprise us, especially when one moment you were on your play mat and the next, you’re two feet away from it. We’re quickly realizing that you’re becoming a mobile boy. I have to admit, son, that this is a slightly frightening idea to me. I mean, you’re about to turn our lives upside down again, but that’s also really, really cool.

Your rolling has resulted in some other interesting new developments. For example, you have discovered that you like sleeping on your side. You do this at night, and it seems to help you sleep longer. Sometimes you get a little carried away with getting onto your side, and you roll onto your face. I have to admit this isn’t my favorite thing that you do; in fact, it scares me a little, but you tend to move your face back to the side and go straight back to sleep.

I’m not going to comment on your sleeping. You’re sleeping well some nights, not so well others. Many days you don’t want to nap, and you especially don’t want to nap unless we hold you. Lately, we have taken to putting you in the stroller or the wrap or the Ergo to get you to have a good nap, and it works better. You get so cranky when you’re tired, but you’re adorable, too. The way you rub your eyes and tug at your ears is just too much cute for us to handle sometimes.

One of the reasons your six-month birthday had proven a little surprising is that with this age has come an increased size, and your increased size has meant a transition from your infant car seat to a big boy car seat and a transition from your car seat atop the stroller facing us to sitting in the seat of the stroller facing out. These are transitions you have taken in stride while Mama and I have had a rough time of it. When we’re walking, we miss looking at you. We miss being able to shield you from the world with your car seat’s shade. You, however, seem to love being able to see so much, and when you sit in your new car seat, you do so with this legs-spread big guy style that just slays me.

You’re playing even more on your own these days, and one day, we learned that you like peek-a-boo. You showed us that  you do this one day by putting a blanket over your face and then pulling it away quickly. You really love to cover your face with fabric and pull it away, and when we do it to you, you giggle maniacally. It’s fabulous.

Your hugest physical development this month is that you have learned how to sit. We have been putting you in your new high chair, and I think that has helped you practice some. One day last week, I tried sitting you up with the Boppy around you, and you sat up for awhile. I then took it away, and you sat for about ten seconds. I tried it again, and you sat for twenty seconds without toppling. Now, you’re up to full minutes. You love just sitting and playing with blocks or whatever else you find. You also topple fairly suddenly, which has resulted in some head bumping, but even when that hurts a bit, you simply cry a little and recover. You’re a very resilient boy.

You know that high chair I mentioned? Well, you’re using it for good reason. You see, you have started eating some solid foods. We just couldn’t resist, so a week or so before your six-month birthday, we mashed up some banana, and we let you try it. You made these wonderful funny faces, but you loved it. Since then, you have had banana, applesauce, avocado, and butternut squash.

avocado face

We have made everything here at home, and you love it. Your favorite seems to be the squash, but the avocado takes a close second. We can’t wait to try other foods with you. It’s so much fun to see you get excited about new flavors and textures. Now that you’re eating, you really love to join in when others are eating, and if we have nothing for you, you grab for whatever it is we’re eating, our cue that it’s time to give you something more interesting. We’re always happy to have you join in the fun, and we regularly sit at the table together as a family. I’m fondly aware of the fact that this is the beginning of an important family tradition.

Speaking of family, you really have a sense for who yours is now. You know your grandma, which thrills her to no end. When she comes to visit, you love to reach for her. Last time she visited, you showed us a new game. You would reach for grandma, and then hug her. Then you would reach for me. We played Pass Baby Genius for several minutes. Mama and I discovered that you will play this with us as well. It’s so sweet. In addition to the reaching game, you seem to need to keep track of Mama and me when we’re at home. If you’re nursing and Mama is behind you, you have to take breaks so that you can make sure she’s still there. This makes nursing a much more interactive time. I’m going to have to work on some strength training if I’m going to continue to contain you during these times.

With all of your physical developments, you’re a little less focused on your talking, but you still make plenty of new sounds. Lately, you are exploring the upper octaves of your voice, and this sometimes resembles screeching. It’s definitely a more difficult sound to endure at times, but it’s still wonderful to hear. You’re discovering that this voice of your scan do some pretty impressive things. You still like blowing raspberries too. You seem to need to remind yourself that you can do this every other week or so, so we’re back to you waking up in the middle of the night and blowing, blowing, blowing.

I think my most favorite thing about you is your curiosity. You want to see everything, put everything in your mouth. If I’m on the phone, you want to touch the phone (and you smile if I’m smiling, laugh if I’m laughing). And when I’m taking photos, you want to touch the camera. When you’re not trying to touch the camera, however, you seem to know you’re on stage, and you have started to smile when I photograph you. This has made for some great photos lately.

Baby boy, you’re growing so fast, and while I would love for you to slow down, I also can’t wait to see what each new day unfolds. You’re becoming such a wonderful little boy, such a beautiful, funny, sweet, smart, curious little guy, and I love you more every day.

Happy half birthday, big boy!






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7 responses to “six months

  1. A.

    Happy 6 months, beautiful boy! What great pictures. Love the blue eyes. It sounds like he’s turning into a wonderfully loving, active little man.

    PS – we’re right with you on day napping. Oy.

  2. Pufferfish

    He’s so adorable, I can’t stand it!!!

  3. Cindyhoo2

    This letter is so sweet. He is such a handsome boy. I love that sweet, wide open expression. They get to be so much fun at 6 months !

  4. awwww! happy 6 months! He is such a beautiful boy! Those eyes! Those cheeks!

  5. nutella

    Yay! Happy 6 months, BG!

  6. What a wonderful 6 month letter. I so look forward to seeing the alligator length comparisons. He is just too adorable.

  7. Happy six months, BG! I can’t believe how big and blue his eyes are, and those smiles are fantastic. I’d love to see all the alligator photos side-by-side.

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