the big fat fly in the ointment

So we filled that prescription for pancreatic enzymes on Friday–or rather we filled part of it. It seems that the doctor wanted me to have 300 pills a month (I am supposed to take two each time I eat), and the pharmacy had only forty or so on hand. They gave me forty pills for the weekend. We didn’t have to pay anything yet.

But I got curious over the weekend. You see, I don’t have health insurance now that I’m no longer pregnant. Baby Genius has coverage, but I’m on the cross-my-fingers-and-hold-my-breath plan that so many Americans are on. It works out pretty well so long as I don’t get terribly sick or hurt, and so long as I don’t have to visit a pharmacy. Imagine my horror when BG’s specialist wrote the prescription for me.

Over the weekend I did a little research on what this prescription is going to cost me, and I nearly choked on my own tongue.

This stuff is over two dollars a pill. This prescription is going to cost me somewhere between $650 and $700 if I fill it. Now, obviously someone who can’t afford healthcare doesn’t just have this sort of money lying around, and we can’t bill it to BG’s insurance because it’s under my name.

And what’s worse is that we have had a few days of trying this, and it works. It works really well. Last night, after I found out the cost, I decided not to take it, and we were back to ugly poop again this morning.

I’m going to call BG’s pediatrician today and see if he could rewrite the prescription into BG’s name. It would be fantastic if we could get it covered. If we can’t, I’m going to be going on the full elimination diet because that’s what those of us who don’t have health insurance have to do. We have to go the DIY route. I’m so fucking sick of this.



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12 responses to “the big fat fly in the ointment

  1. nutella

    Oh, that sucks. If they can’t do the script in BG’s name, try calling around to other pharmacies or checking on mail order prices. You may be shocked at the difference in price. I went through this when my insurance refused to cover an anti-nausea perscription for me during pregnancy. CVS was going to charge me over $1,000 for a 30 day supply. My local co-op pharmacy charged me $60.

    Good luck!

  2. That sucks! I am so sorry that this is another obstacle facing you. I do know that drug companies have to offer a free drug program. The paperwork is complicated and the program is often difficult to find. However- given that you are bright and tenacious, I know that you can do it. Basically, find out what company makes the meds you need then contact them for specifics. Your doctor’s office also might have forms for this as well. It is worth a shot, right?

  3. poppycat

    Ahhhhhhggg. Really? That breaks my heart in so many ways but mostly it makes me angry. I feel like typing out a big rant about our current health care debate but that’s just preaching to the chior isn’t it? Damn it!

    You might want to contact the pharmaceutical company and ask for help paying for it if the Dr can’t put the prescription in BG’s name. It’s a long shot but worth the effort I think.

    I’m so sorry. Canada anyone? It sounds better and better to me each year.

  4. I’m so sorry about this. I was also going to recommend going directly to the drug manufacturer. I hope you’re able to get this medicine in a way that is affordable for you, especially since it seems to be working.

    I was going to offer some elimination diet advice, but I think I’ll focus my energy on hoping you’re able to get the prescription covered in some way.

  5. Oh NO. That blows! Especially since you know it actually WORKS, and this is something that has been an issue for so long now. How incredibly frustrating. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that the doctor understands and is willing to make the change.

  6. This makes me so angry for you and so many Americans. God….
    times like this I so wish we were back in Canada. I hope that you will be able to get the prescription in BGs name….or if that doesn’t work, that the pharm company will help you out. We can hope, right?? Wishing so badly that this wasn’t something you had to stress or even THINK about. So unfair. But, the whole American healthcare system is. Must not start ranting…..
    Thinking of you all and hoping you guys get a good outcome.

  7. Oh no! I was just about to write a happy comment on your last post and then I read this one. I’m so mad about this and about the state of insurance in this country – it’s absolutely despicable. I’m crossing my fingers that you can get the prescription written in BG’s name. I wish there was something else to do.

  8. Jodi

    You ladies are so sweet and supportive!

    We’re lucky to have options, so if we can’t get the prescription filled, we’ll have to look into the elimination diet.

    We’ll keep you updated.

  9. A.

    I’m hoping the dr. can write it in BG’s name!! Fingers crossed. I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

  10. Next in line

    Jeepers! Do you want me to send Obama an email? I will. This sucks. I am so happy that it works just because it really confirms that BG is a healthy boy that he is just still working on digestion. I hope you found a way to get this covered or cheaper.

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