a few updates in no particular order

I’ve been a crap blogger these days. I want to write, but then when I finally sit down to do it, I’m either interrupted or I’m utterly blank. I so hoped this wouldn’t happen to me, but I suppose it has. I’m going to work on it. I might have to commit to a NaBloPoMo month soon.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few updates, since I haven’t in some time.

On Poop

Baby Genius still has some ugly poop–and not your typical ugly either. He’s still got blood and unpleasant textures which I won’t describe here, and he still poops very, very frequently–like four or five times a day most days. This is unusual for a boy of nearly six months. So far, I have only eliminated from my diet dairy, soy, and beef, and I’m actually back on the soy from time to time. Tomorrow we have his first visit to a pediatric GI at the big giant children’s hospital that is an hour and a half or so away. My mom is coming to accompany us. We promised ourselves we’d make at least one visit to this doctor, and then we’d see where we wanted to go from there. Honestly, my guess is that we’ll likely just continue on a little more earnestly with my elimination diet instead of going back for multiple visits, but we might also get a referral from our ped for an allergist in hopes of maybe getting some blood tests so that I can learn precisely what I need to avoid.

On Sleep

Baby Genius sleeps a little better now, especially when we  put him down at night. This is a bit of a relief because for awhile, we were losing our ever-important couple time in the evening to the constant trying to get him back to sleep. For the past few weeks, we have been able to count on having some time to ourselves at least between 7pm-10pm, but often a little more.

The rest of the night is another story altogether. Sometimes he’ll go for three-hour stretches, but usually it’s more like two, unless I put him in bed with me/us, and then he tends to sleep pretty well. Unfortunately, my wife is fairly convinced that her snoring is causing BG to wake up more frequently when she sleeps with us, so some nights she doesn’t, and that sucks. We got her some nasal strips to see if they would help, but no luck. We miss sleeping in our bed together, but this won’t be forever, and we make certain that no matter what, we have at least a couple of nights a week together in our bed.

On Us

Because we have found some sleep solutions, we’ve also found some sanity, and as a result, things with us are smoothing out quite a bit. We’re falling into a little more of a groove again and recognizing ourselves as a couple again. We’re not arguing as much over petty things, and we’re practicing better communication skills. We’re both loving and even liking one another more again. We laugh more than we cry. It’s not perfect; there are still some things we need to work on, but overall it feels much better.

On Foods

BG tried more banana for a couple of days, but now he’s on to applesauce. Yesterday, we gave him a little, and he made the funniest scrunched-up face, after which he shook his head. We realized a little later that maybe we were giving him too much, and he was coping with trying to swallow it. After awhile, he grabbed his spoon and insisted on feeding himself. This involves him putting the spoon in his mouth, pulling it out, turning it over, putting it in his mouth again, and on and on until it is clear of food. He loves to eat this way, and while it’s messy, who are we to tell him how to eat so long as he does. We’re very determined to keep food fun and enjoyable, to keep eating relaxing for as long as we can. Next up will be avocado.

On Posts I Hope to Write

I keep meaning to write a post about diapering, but I haven’t, so I’m hoping that if I commit to it here, I’ll do it. We’ve undergone so many different diaper experiments, but we’ve finally got our system squared away. I’ll write about it more soon. I think I may also have a post in me about baby wearing and another on weird postpartum stuff. I’m certain there are others. What am I forgetting? What do I need to share updates about?

On BG’s Sounds

He’s squealing now, and screeching a little. I generally find it funny and adorable but not so much when I’ve got a headache. I adore the sounds this boy makes. This morning, he was whispering to me. I don’t know what he was saying, but it was definitely whispering. I love that he is so vocal now.

On Half Birthdays

Someone is turning six months old in a few days, Friday to be exact. He doesn’t know it, but his moms do, and they’re a little freaked out about it.

On Cuteness

Baby Genius has discovered peek-a-boo all on his own, and he cracks himself up with it. I’ll let the photos (as overexposed and blurry as they are) speak for themselves:



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5 responses to “a few updates in no particular order

  1. boo

    I’m so excited to read you diapering post. We are right in the middle of trying to figure it out and would love some advice from mamas with a real live baby. Glad that things are looking up for you- I hope the GI doc gives you some more answers.

  2. poppycat

    Lots of good stuff happening at the house of RG! I’m happy to hear it. Cat has been MIA from our bed a lot lately too because she snores. I hate it 😦

    I too am looking forward to the diapering post.

    That boy is a darling. I hope they figure out what is irritating his GI.

  3. lyn

    Isn’t it amazing how some sleep makes everything better? Glad to get the update!

  4. Jen

    I am glad things are on an upswing! Tiff and I have been struggling as well, but kind of passed a hurtle this week and are on the same page again. Just takes a solid foundation which I am sure you have! Thanks for the rec on the sleepy wrap! I ordered one on Tuesday and can’t wait for it to come in the mail. I have even watched a you tube video on how to wear it. Thanks again!

  5. I am so glad to know that y’all are getting into more of a groove recently. Hooray!
    I for one would love to read your diapering post. I am about to start trying to figure out what we want to do and that would be incredibly helpful, I’m sure.
    That first picture of BG especially is wicked cute. Love those big eyeballs!

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